getstatic Material BEDROCK

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  1. This does not work for some reason.

    Code (Text):

    getstatic Material BEDROCK
    invokeinterface void Block.setType(Material)
    I get no errors in console too
  2. What is that? Skript?
  3. no Its Java Code
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  4. Obviously, it's skript.
  5. Doesn’t look like you know the basics of programming especially Java. Try getting in contact with some text based Java tutorials.
  6. Choco


    This is bytecode. Refrain from decompiling other people's resources. Consider learning Java and the difference between it and bytecode... You may also want to get a better decompiler.
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  7. its my friend code he told me i can decompile it but the material thing does not work.
  8. Choco


    If it was your friend's, I'm sure he would have been more than capable of providing you with the source code instead. As I said before, this is bytecode, not Java source.
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  9. Okay thank you anyways, i contact him rn.
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  10. My Friend Said this

    Sorry, but you don't know how to code Java. I cannot help in any way, because you will get confused. Maybe learn Java?
  11. Choco


    Sounds like a great friend to me (/s). Either way, if he's not willing to give you source code to work with, you're best off writing your own.
  12. Can you give me tips and tricks to learn Java?