Getting all locations between two locations

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  1. Hi there!

    So, I am currently developing a hidden feature for me and my girlfriend; whenever we get within 5 blocks of radius, a line of hearts are going to occur between us. Now, to do this, I need to get the locations(XYZ) within the two locations, without the location being a square, because it is supposed to be a line, not a bunch of hearts in a square.

    I have tried with vectors, though you cannot convert vectors to XYZ-coordinates, which is needed to spawn particles.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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  2. @dxdy

    Oh, I didnt' know that I could retrieve the vector's actual location, and not only the vector position. How would I do this, what are the methods called? Any pseudo code?

    Thanks for such an fast answer.
  3. @dxdy

    Well, I am atleast one step closer.

    Though, the Vector#toLocation-method does not return as an array or an list; how would I then get all the locations inbetween if I don't have a list of locations to go through?
  4. @dxdy

    Thank you so much, works like a charm!

    Now, to a bit different question; do you know if it is possible to make the hearts not go upwards like they usually do?

    Because now, it looks like this:


    and I want it to only be one heart, if that makes sense. Not make it look like a billion trillion hearts on top of eachother.
  5. @dxdy

    I want to stop all the hearts from drifting upwards. It makes it look really weird.
  6. @dxdy

    Yeah, that's the point; I want to have a constant line of hearts between us, but if I wait 20 ticks, then the hearts appear a way too rarely.

    Eventually, sending only one heart from me to her or vice-versa could be a solution to this, that would be even nicer, actually.

    Edit: Doing that would still make the heart go upwards every time we move it one location forward, though.
  7. Sorry for the unrelated comment, but this is probably the smartest and sweetest things I've ever seen.

    She's a keeper ;)
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  8. Thanks!

    This is how it ended:


    Thanks everyone! <3
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  9. Hey @jimbo8,

    Could you post the code of how you solved this ?

    Thanks !
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    Just bringing awareness. ;)
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