Solved Getting any value from another file other than the config.yml

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  1. I'm making more redundant posts...
    But, what do I need to make another file and get any details from it other than the config.yml?
  2. Code (Text):
    private File data;
    private FileConfiguration datacfg;

    public void createData() {
            data = new File(getDataFolder(),"data.yml");
            if(!data.exists()) {
            datacfg = new YamlConfiguration();
            try {
            }catch (IOException | InvalidConfigurationException e) {
        public void saveData() throws IOException{
        public FileConfiguration getData() {
            return this.datacfg;
    Also as config.yml a file named data.yml must be created

    Requires you the ability to actually get the plugin instance known(aka knowing how to create/get instances)
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  3. Thanks for the quick reply!