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  1. So, I been recently bored and the idea of making a server came back into my mind I made around 2-4 servers in the past 3 years all of them having success they had a good amount of success each but never made it to be one of those HUGE servers. The one with the most players was my pixelmon server which averaged around 45-60 players daily for a while but soon that fell and I got bored from it and shut it down but now I want to try it again I need some tips into what I should do I'm planning a PvP style server but with my own originality thrown in their and my budget prob gonna be around the 700-1k USD area. So can yall give me some tips for getting back in the game?

    1.)Like how do I set up bukkit now as I always used spigot and it looks like its gone now?

    2.) Best paid advertising option is what now? I remember putting it on the voting websites and paying for a top listing spot but now Idk maybe youtubers still good?

    3.) Should I get shared hosting or get a 2gb VPS right off the back? What I'm planning to set up may take alot of mem as it's going to be alot

    4.) Best website host? Or should I use enjin starting up

    5.) give me some of your best tips guys on other sections I havent mentioned here!!
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    Spigot isn't gone.
  3. 1) Its the same good old way
    2) Youtubers are probably the best now / voting spots
    3) Get a kimsufi / soyoustart/ ovh dedicated server since you have the budget
    4) The best thing to use is mybb / xenforo
  4. Same thing with Spigot you just have to build it using the BuildTools

    Maybe have some minigames?
  5. Lmao my bad I thought it was never knew about the build tools how do I use them?

    For #3 what should I start off with?

    #4 yea may not do that till I'm a bigger server gonna start with enjin

    Eh not trying to be a server with many minigames wont fit the server type I have.
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  7. Well, with Factions, urhm..
  8. Most likely wont use factions would have my own system coded for that
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  9. still looking for help!!
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    If you have a few extra dollars, investing in XenForo + a VPS will be best for you in the long run. XenForo makes forums 10x prettier and 10x easier.
  11. *few extra dollars* Yea, no.
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    Why do you need branding removal and enhanced search? o_O It's ridiculous to add those unless you have a community you're making thousands from. I've paid the $140 for the XenForo license and never been happier. Honestly was one of the best investments I've made in my server.
  13. Okay, even if you do remove them, $140 isn't a few bucks when op could be on a budget. He was talking about a 2gb vps which suggests he doesn't have cash to throw around.
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    Honestly, if I had known what I know now when I started my server, I would have paid the money out-of-pocket to start off on XenForo rather than to start on something else and get reimbursed later.

    However, if the cost of XenForo can't be justified now, then just use software that is easily imported into it later, like SimpleMachineForum, phpBB, or myBB. Those seem to be pretty popular free alternatives.
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