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  1. Hello!

    I want to start by saying that I do not believe minecraft is a dying game, its just changing. I also want to point out that the EULA change was most likely for the better and I have no intention to start conversation about either of those topics. Taking those two things into account, lets get to the main point of this post. I have been gone from the minecraft server scene for quite some time now. I think it would be fun to get started again. Back when I hosted, factions, prison, and skyblock servers were all the rage. From what I can see, that is no longer the case, considering factions is covered primarily by large networks and prison and skyblock .. just don't appear to be hitting the numbers they used to, what is popular.

    Now I understand that question is a lot larger than and more complicated but I need a little help. About three months before I left the server scene I had made an entire network from ground up. I custom coded loads of plugins, created good looking spawns, etc .. The only issue with this network I created is that it is factions, skyblock, survival, and creative. Note that this network was only created, it was never released to the public. I sank like two-three months setting up these servers, the plugins upwards of six+. So I guess these are my main questions.

    • What gamemodes are currently popular
    • Is there anything I can recover from my old network for my new one
    • What should I expect in this new scene of servers and community

    I wanted to add a few things. Staff, in the past I have always used friends to play this role but due to laziness and other circumstance it has been less than ideal. I don't really have the money to hire staff so whats the best option for new servers. I have always heard two popular beliefs for new servers, one being start with one server and build from there or two, create a small network with a few simple gamemodes that appeal more players. Any feelings toward which would be better would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
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  2. Hey guys, I would really appreciate your help!
  3. Step 1: Don't start a server.
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  4. Start with one unique server then build it up with unique content.
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  5. Would you mind expanding on that ..

    Thank you for the advise.
  6. From what I've recently been able to see, I'd say Factions and in particular, SkyBlock, are the most popular servers.
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  7. Would you recommend starting a server with either of those though? Would it be worth taking those gamemodes and revamping them to have some twist?
  8. Yes. However, you need to add something unique, which is not found anywhere else. Otherwise, it will become part of those millions of empty servers which failed at getting over 15 players on at once.
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  9. I would say so. Since you're a developer, you should certainly give it a twist. One thing you don't want to do is OP Factions, focus on Factions which requires a grind, such as Cosmic.
  10. And I agree with you. You ALWAYS need new content which is unique. If you can do something which is simple, yet unique and something people enjoy, you're certainly heading the right direction.
  11. Alright, time to start brainstorming!

    I would agree with no op-factions, I really hate that gamemode.

    An additional question: I really like survival minecraft, is this gamemode something that can gain a good following if I add something different than the other million eco-survival mc servers?
  12. Yes, I highly believe so. If you are not make survival gamemode more creative like than all of the other countless servers then you will draw attention in. I would not say base your server off as a survival server, but add it in as a feature. That will draw in a good amount of players who enjoy survival and again make it special, different than other servers.
  13. Survival is no doubt my favourite game mode. Latest version of MineCraft, lots to explore and even some custom content in there as well. Survival is a server where you really should have it running the latest MineCraft version whereas servers such as SkyBlock and Factions, 1.8 is probably better.
  14. I would recommend custom plugins and games all the way and unique maps to keep the server interesting
  15. Thanks for "I would not say base your server off as a survival server, but add it in as a feature." This was an additional question I had forgot to add

    Survival is my favorite gamemode as well. Thanks for bringing up about the different versions, I will look into that.

    I have a lot of experience making custom terrain so I will be sure to take advantage of that.

    Thank you everyone for your replies, every single one has been helpful. Let them continue coming in!
  16. There's too many servers around and no matter what you say, the game is dying.
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  17. Who taught you that
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  18. Than might I ask why you are such an active part of this community? ;)
  19. I develop for already existing/well-established servers. I've stopped working for the low paying startup servers with future promises/bonuses, because out of the 20+ I've worked with in the last two years, 0 still exist today. Without a big advertising budget you won't be going nowhere, which is why I don't start servers.