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  1. I know, it sounds like a stupid question. I'm trying to iterate through blocks in a line and I need to do this on a separate thread, not the main thread. I tried doing this using Bukkit's BlockIterator, but it throws the async entity world add exception. How would I accomplish this?
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  2. Interesting, but it would be a shame to add FAWE as a dependency. Might have to look into if if I can't find any other alternates. Thanks for your suggestion.
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    You can get a ChunkSnapshot and get the material at a coordinate in that chunk.

    EDIT: ChunkSnapshot was made to asynchronously get blocks in a chunk, I believe it's main purpose was to get block colors for maps without blocking the main thread.
  4. Can it get the data and state of a block? For example, can I use it to tell if a fence is facing one way or another?
  5. md_5

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    ChunkSnapshot (created sync) is the only option.
    It's only intended for when you care about a large part of the chunk (as stated above for map renderers), otherwise you should just do it sync.
  6. ScarabCoder

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    You can just get the Material and data ID of a block.
  7. Oops. I found out that BlockIterator was iterating to oblivion, loading in chunks and entities async along the way. The distance for the BlockIterator happened to be 0.

    I won't mark this thread as solved, even after I fixed my BlockIterator, since other people with the same question might stumble across this thread.
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