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  1. How can I stop people using a client that allows them to get into other accounts?
    The server is Spigot 1.8 and Online.
  2. Simple answer! You can't. It is impossible as people can just login (As shown as a person has "Compromised" accouns) to others account with different IP's. Yes there are only so many IP's one can use but think about how many people can just come back on easily.

    Edit 1: Continued the "It is impossible" part.
  3. Bribery. In other words,
  4. Can anyone link me to a better ip banning plugin then? I try to do /banip <player> and nothing happens, so I need a new plugin for /banip that overwrites essentials.
  5. Update Spigot...?
  6. In what way? Please explain.
  7. Bribe the user so they don't login into other people's accounts. Like I said,