Getting kicked for kill mobs

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  1. For some reason i am getting kicked for killing mobs, and everyone around me is also getting kicked when i kill a mob. its not every mob, killing a mob has around 60% chance of kicking you, and nothing even appears in the config except for this
    Code (Text):
    User AdvancedGP has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: java.lang.NullPointerException
    can anyone help
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    Client version?
    Server version?
    Any Mods running on the client?
  3. Client: 1.13.2
    Server: 1.13.2
    No mods.
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    By chance do you use Paper? Or just Spigot?
    Also, Plugin list.
  5. Spigot
    and here

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  6. Yikes.... 103 plugins, well Im going to go out on a limb here (since I have never had this issue) is that its 1 of those plugins causing this issue.

    Most effective/Most hated advice = remove plugins and find the culprit.
    When I do this I remove plugins in groups of 5, or even just remove half the plugins and dwindle it down from there.

    Looking at your plugin list, its really hard to determine this. Having that many plugins, some of them are bound to not cooperate with each other very well.
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  7. Make a new folder in your /plugins/ folder. put half the plugins in there, if the issue persists do another half. Keep testing and eventually you can narrow it down to a certain plugin.

    Similar to what @ShaneBee said, just you don't have to remove them.
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    These seem like the most likely to cause, but heck, it could be anything when you have over 100...

    - ProtocolSupport
    - iDisguise
    - Citizens
    - ProtocolSupportStuff <What the heck?
    - CrazyEnchantments (since it is not really stable on 1.13.2)
    - Why do you have CrazyEnchantments AND TokenEnchant :unsure:
    - Anything that messes with mobs (UltimateStacker? WildStacker?)
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  9. Agree. The fact that OP is getting kicked most most likely can be pinpointed to any plugin who does something weird with the network. Could be ProtocolLib, but definitely also a plugin using ProtocolLib. Or any plugin that directly invokes NMS for packet stuff.

    As Shane said, you're most reliable option is to make some kind of clone of that server, start off with half of the plugin and see if the issue persists. If it does, remove another half of those plugins. At some point you'll have pinpointed which plugin is to blame. That's gonna be a fun one with 103 plugins. Like others have also said, why do you have 103 plugins? You absolutely don't need that much. You have a bunch of duplicate plugin functionalities, so you should be able to remove 10, maybe 20 of those plugins if you seriously look at that list and ask yourself which one of those you still need.