getting online players help

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  2. Your Gyazo link doesn't work.
  3. Ok, so I just put
    Code (Text):
    <?php $playeronline = file_get_contents(''); ?>
    There are <?php echo $playeronline; ?> players online!
    into a file index.php on my computer and it came up "There are 0 players online!"

    I'm a bit rusty with my PHP, but if you're willing to pastebin some more of your code I could try and take a look.
  4. is there any other way i could use?
  5. Try:

    Code (Text):
    There are <?php echo file_get_contents(''); ?> players online!
    Hope it works :)
  6. it did not, so i used script :D
  7. Can you use MySQL update every minute the MySQL Database with you Online Players