Getting people on your server and advertising tips?

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  1. Hi! I've recently started a spigot server(Towny building) it has 10-12 players on most of the time and I'd like some tips on getting people on my server. Its a very friendly community. Never any fights, no griefing, everything to me seems perfect. I know there aren't many quality Towny servers out there and I love the concept of building without any worries so I started it. Its not like those overpopulated Kit PvP, Faction Raid servers that all these kids start. I remember back in the day when PlanetMinecraft and other Minecraft server listing website could get you 30+ players at a time. No I'm not willing to spend k's on advertising on Minecraft server listing websites. That only gets you players for only a few days and that's and only 45% of the people that came on because of that stay so I guess its kinda good. No I don't know any big Youtubers that can make videos on my server. Its possible to get them to make a video on there but they charge big bucks because most of them are sell-outs >_> I have connections with big server owners but they would never merge. Please don't suggest going on other servers and spamming the IP. That's just low and I don't like the idea of mooching off other people's success by taking some of their playerbase
  2. The topic of server promotion has fascinated me for a very long time.
    Being the owner of 3 failed servers, and 1 very successful one, I can safely say, at least for my players, having a simply built server (no giant spawn buildings, or epic terraformed spawns) but packing it with features has been very helpful. Feel free to check out my towny server for ideas!

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  3. EquinoxDragon - I'm confused at what you're trying to say/ask, but this topic has already been beaten into the ground.
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  4. So Whats happening?