Getting RGB of leather from InventoryClickEvent?

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  1. So basically I want to get the RGB of whatever leather a player has clicked rather than writing out 50 if statements depending on what the name is. I've been trying to get it by doing event.getCurrentItem(). but I've tried a bunch of different things and I cant seem to get anything to work.
  2. You will need to cast the leathers ItemMeta to LeatherArmorMeta, then you can get the color and from that the RGB value if you wish.
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    for your next post, please try to use the right forum sections. this section is for bungeecord plugin development. thats not the same as spigot plugin development...
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  4. Yeah, I just clicked on the wrong one >.>
  5. I get an eventException error when doing;

    Code (Text):
    LeatherArmorMeta helmet = (LeatherArmorMeta) event.getCurrentItem();
    as well as;
    Code (Text):
    ItemMeta helmet = (ItemMeta) event.getCurrentItem();
  6. You will want to do something like this:
    Code (Text):

    ItemStack item = event.getCurrentItem();
    if (item.hasItemMeta() && item.getItemMeta() instanceof LeatherArmorMeta) {
        LeatherArmorMeta lMeta = (LeatherArmorMeta)item.getItemMeta();
    That's just off the top of my head.
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    don't cast your item to LeatherArmorMeta, cast the meta of the current tiem...
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  8. Man this is the BungeeCord section. Please post it next time in the Spigot section
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    if you would actually take the time to read threads you would see that I already notified op about that and that he already apologized...
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