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  1. Hello,

    I've been looking to find a way to show signs with server info as many minigame networks have. Now I was wondering how I could make it so that I can have a line on a sign say 'restarting' or anything else that can not be achieved by getting the player count or the motd.
    Any specific approach to this?

  2. Ping the server and get the motd
  3. I'm afraid that's not exactly what I'm looking for.
  4. Make a server control system / connect to the one already existing (something MUST start your servers) and fetch the status. You can use sockets, unix fifo pipes, a database or whatever
  5. Why do you spam the forums with your API if it can send only Strings and is inefficient for what he wants to do?
  6. Wow, I am not responsible for your shortcomings in Java
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  7. He ment that you act like SocketAPI is the answer to anything while in reality it can only do very little.
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  8. Just lemme show up some of your code here:
    Code (Text):

      public static void write(Plugin plugin, String data, Socket socket)
        throws Exception
        PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter(socket.getOutputStream());
        HashMap hashmap = new HashMap();
        hashmap.put("plugin", plugin.getName());
        hashmap.put("data", SocketAPI.encrypt(data, key));
        hashmap.put("server", servername);

        public void write(Plugin plugin, String data) {
          try {
            Bukkit.write(plugin, data, this.socket);
          } catch (Exception e) {
    So tell me how i could send objects using ur API?

    Exactly. That's why you could add me on Skype: lmfao19981
    I will help you doing your plugin.
  9. I've already made progress using the motd and the messaging channels. Thanks for the help ;)
  10. Not by using my API, by using your Java knowledges
  11. Well i do know how to ^^
    But you make your API look like it could do that