Getting the domain a player used to log in

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  1. I'm using SRV records and forced hosts to connect players to my server. I wanted to make a plugin that would get the SRV domain (i.e. bungee.test.example) a player used to log in and correspond that to a location where the user will spawn in my Hub server. Is there an event I can use that will grab what domain the Player used to log in?

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  2. That gets the hostname the player used to login with... Is that what you were after?

    Code (Text):

    public void onLogin(PlayerLoginEvent e)
    EDIT: Sorry I just realised this would not work if you are using bungeecord, as this would return the same address every time (the bungeecord address) I believe you can do this on bungee using the follwoing...

    Code (Text):

    public void onProxyLogin(LoginEvent e)
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  3. Awesome! Thats what I saw when I looked through the JavaDocs. I'll try it out and reply if it doesn't work.