GGServers Or Netherbyte?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by FunkyPunk, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Hello guys! here are the 2 Cheapest Minecraft Hostings I Have Ever see.

    Who is Better?


    Best regards, Frank
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  2. Netherbyte
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  3. hmm why?
  4. jeff142


    Hes a member hear, uses good E3 nodes.

  5. Also GG isn't the most reputable host
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  6. So?
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  7. I'm assuming he means: They do not backup their servers, which means once the hard drives fail, you are fucked. They probably don't have too great of customer service either.
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  8. Also with a few members on here they have had horrific experiences with the host
  9. What host you guys are talking about?
  10. GG.
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  11. I am just going to leave one thing here about GGServers, and [nsfw]

    Their reasoning to this was "Someone had access to their mailing list" although all that client info is not possible to get unless they had access to the WHMCS panel. I had a chat with one of the guys there basically making him speechless of what happened, because what he was saying that happened i was proving wrong, he then just basically ignored me.

    I've heard from many people who have switched from GGservers to NB, that their performance was sucky and the nodes often ran out of RAM due to extreme overselling along with a load of other things.

    @FunkyPunk if you need a trial server of NB go over to
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  12. GGServers is managed by kids, they can't even install the Multicraft panel right.
  13. As well they use so many panels, they literally have their own multicraft panel per node.
    I cant think of a beneficial reason to having so many panels.
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  14. Thank u
  15. Netherbyte.

    GGServers like to release people's information and they give crap about your needs and complaints.
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  16. dtm

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    I am a customer of GGservers, and they are great..
    They got hacked once, so what? they funded everyone with a free month of there server.
    Also, they do backup your services.
    it is not ran by kids, it is ran by adults who do know what they are doing, and the panels are setup.
    They only needed to restart the panel once since i've been with them (few months) and They added 3 days of our servers for the 10minutes of downtime.
    also it's incredibly cheap and has great uptime and hardware.

    If you want to visit the server I host, PM me and I'll give you the IP.

    They haven't ever released information deliberately. also, all my support tickets are answered within 1 hour and they always care.

    None of you have even been with them in order to prove me wrong.
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  17. I Am going with Netherbyte then Any Coupons? xD
  18. I have been with GGServers when the owner of it posted it on HackForums. My case with them was that I purchased a server with a dedicated IP but never got it. I asked for it multiple times in support tickets, nobody was of help. When I asked the owner he just didn't respond, he ignored me.

    The panel was down for a while too. I opened a support ticket, got a link but I couldn't log into the panel, despite my login credentials were valid.

  19. dtm

    dtm Previously danjb2000
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    Stop dis-agreeing with this post guys, If you've read the whole thread then you will know this was an old opinion.
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  20. Dmck2b

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    Cheap != good.
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