GGServers Or Netherbyte?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by FunkyPunk, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. :)
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  2. One of my friends said he has a ggserver and he entered a support ticket about updating to new buckit versions (Which they haven't updated yet). He sent in the ticket and about one day later he told me they never responded, I'm not sure if they have responded yet but dayum, can we get some service?
  3. I used them before, they didn't take backups, 40% uptime, false advertise and they oversell.
  4. I'm guessing someones already posted this but y'know.

  5. Yes, I did.
  6. Nether byte! GGservers sucks something special.
  7. I recommend I've used netherbyte before, and I switched to CraftedShack, and my server performance improved. It was the exact same setup, same plugins, same player count, and CraftedShack did not lag at all while netherbyte did. They also have skype support.
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  8. No I do not like this company.
  9. Have you used them?
  10. No but there pricing isn't as good as nether byte.
  11. This thread should've been closed ages ago,
    GGServers = Bad
    NetherByte = Good
    Choose NetherByte over GGServers.
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  12. I think that a few of you are missing a key point when you advocate netherbyte. Hosting a minecraft server that is usually empty off my PC leaves me using about 400MB simply in world data- After less than a month. On the terms of service at nether you can see this:

    Minecraft Servers
    - You may not use more than 80% of the CPU for more than 1 hour

    - You are given 10GB of space for worlds/plugins, we may delete files if you go over that limit without warning

    - We will remove files without warning if they are effecting other customers

    - We are not responsible for data loss from our services

    Basically this means that if you use more than 80% of the CPU you are paying the FULL PRICE for, you will be punished. If you want to host a server with more than a miniscule world, it ain't gonna happen at netherbyte, and if you DARE to go over your 10GB limit, they will just remove your world files. Great hosting you have there. Shame no one reads the small print.

    Just a note. I DO NOT advocate gghosting either. They are the lowest forms of trash on the market, but I digress.

    Just my two of cents.
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  13. 80% of the whole 8 thread CPU.
    This is just to protect other customers.

    The 10GB limit is very, very flexible, we have customers using 30GB+, however we do have some customers that have huge, huge dynmap maps, using 50GB+. This is what we would delete.
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  14. Are the users of these huge maps given warning of the imminent removal of hundreds of hours of work?
    Because simply deleting a file that is the ENTIRE REASON for the existence of a minecraft server without giving the victim the opportunity to migrate, backup or trim his or her world is extremely unprofessional.
    Also what kind of punishments do you use for offenders of your 80% CPU limit? Does the server get taken down?
    All these questions pop up but you don't make a mention of this anywhere on your site. And believe me, I have looked.

    EDIT: I am not here to bash your hosting, it looks great, but I am just very sceptical of the claims companies make to promote their products.
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  15. Is NetherByte better than MCProHosting (other than price)?
  16. We will try our best to compress the files and put them up back for download, this is not able to do in some cases we then alert the customer of the files deleted.

    On the abuse for CPU, the server will be suspended for 3 days, with an email sent as to why and what they need to do. We will allow this 2 times before terminating their server. If we do, all data will be compressed and available for download.
  17. We are sorry you feel this way about our company. We actually have a summer sale going on at the moment - 80% off servers and free dedicated ips with the coupon code "SUMMER" If you have any other questions feel free to contact us through a support ticket.
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  18. Ok I'll test you out but your prices with out 80% off are way too high compared to nether byte
  19. Netherbyte is very cheap though.
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