"Ghost" text in the navigation bar.

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  1. Is anyone else getting this bug?


    I've not seen it before the forum upgrade, and have suddenly seen it a few times while browsing through the forum.

    I don't always see it every time, just sometimes.

    Edit: I'm using Chrome, with windows 8. The only addon I have is Adblock+, which is set to disabled for Spigot.
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  2. md_5

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    Disable your addons, and at the very least mention your browser.
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  3. OP updated. I managed to duplicate this on an incognito window to a much greater extent (though not sure if the issues are related):

    Refreshing the page always seems to (temporarily, at least) make the issue go away.
  4. Exact duplicate of bug with incognito window:

    It only seems to occur when I'm logged in.
  5. I get this issue too, seems to be before the page is fully loaded.

    This will only happen when your logged in because you can only see you Watched and Purchased resources when your logged in.
  6. Maybe try to change your Theme?
    For me, no bugs in April Fools 2014:

    Edit: Also no Bugs for me in Terminal:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Try to use another Browser
  9. That would still not resolve the bug for everyone.
  10. I get the 'ghost' text before the page loads completely on mobile (Chrome). Once the page has fully loaded it disappears.
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  11. Exactly the same for me.
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