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Discussion in 'Pending' started by BrettPlayMC, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. One of my friends @Dragon0617_ linked me to this new user on Spigot that has managed to make their profile picture a gif some how. :eek:
    I saw a thread on this in this section a few days ago and I don't know the result of it but this user joined Monday and only has a few posts. How is this possible? Is this a bug?
  2. @DarthLilo can you explain how you managed to do this?
  3. Looks like they updated something and it came with some kind of gif support on profile pictures, at least its the first time I've seen something like this..

    (The forum section icons)

    They might of been around for awhile though, i've only noticed it today when looking at someones profile who reviewed a plugin of mine.

    Cool stuff, hopefully they keep it :p
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  4. I can say @Cobwebster is correct, using xenforo 1.5.14 on a site of mine and people can upload GIFs
  5. Maximvdw


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  6. If you upload gif and it doesn't work, resize it to 192x192 in GIMP(or something like that), export it, upload it and then it should work...
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  7. In firefox it shows that the type is gif image. Firefox.jpg
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