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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Manuissexy, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. Hi there, m'names Manu. I was just thinking how cool it would be if you could make your PFP (profile picture) a Gif. Now this would be beneficial to Spigot financially as I am sure that there are people who would donate purely to get a Gif as their PFP. Now a Gif as a PFP is quite a prestigous thing, so I propose that a certain amount must be donated to get it. It could be $50, or maybe even $100 - a Supporter perk. Now it doesn't say anything specific in the Forum Rules about nudity/pornographic material but I think it goes without saying that nothing like that would be acceptable. It could be a good idea to make Gifs something that need to be approved by a member of staff, however I don't think this would really be necessary if Gifs are implemented as a Supporter perk, as personally my pockets aren't infinite and doing something so ridiculous that would probably guarantee a ban and lose you $100 seems un-imaginable. Anyways yeah that's my pitch, react Winner or some shizzle like that if you like my suggestion, and feel free to disagree and tell me why if you'd like. #SpigotNitro ftw! :D spigotnitro.jpg
  2. i don't think this will ever happen due to flashy gifs etc
  3. 2008Choco

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    Already been discussed before (in a number of threads). One of which being this one, but I remember a much larger one where the general consensus was "No... this will be abused" and overall, it's really not necessary.
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  4. MiniDigger


    pls no.
    I am already blocking gifs in signature because they are really annoying and making it hard to concentrate on whats really important: the content. I couldn't care less about your sig or your profile pic. its the text you wrote that I care about.
    even if you limit it to high tier donors only (which would be against anything spigot currently stands for), it would still be annoying as heck since those ppl (like me) tend to be really active on the forums.
    so yeah, let me repeat:
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  5. Gifs as profile pictures should definitely not be allowed as they would be really annoying.

    Just out of curiosity, how did this user manage to do it (it's only animated on his profile page and not on his postings)?
    This is also a good example of how distracting gifs as profile pictures are and why they should not be allowed (even if it's only visible on the profile page).
  6. he made his profile in 2015 and there probably wasnt a block on gif's for profile pics, so he could upload a small size which was enough to play it.
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  7. And what if you have a small picture where you can hover over to play it? And you see you can hover it with a little indicator
  8. MiniDigger


    But why? All current donor perks are something usefull. It's a thank you from spigot that makes our lives easier. We don't want to be better than other users because we got some annoying gifs as profile picture or smth. The current badges are enough recognition, at least for me.
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  9. i just set it as my profile pic and it works
  10. then it's because the gif is very small
    any need for the optimistic rating? was just a guess.
  11. MiniDigger


    luckly it only works when you visit the profile (the page or the hover card)
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  12. Legoman99573


    Just waiting for a donator to possibly abuse it.
    And yes, I mean the epileptic ones or ones that give people a headache.
  13. I agree with all the comments here, please could a mod close this?
  14. Legoman99573


    you can close the thread on your own
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