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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Bjorno43, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Would it be possible to buy premium resources for other users? I don't mean adding a user to the buyers list of your own premium resources. I mean just gifting someone any premium resource.

    If this is currently not possible, I would suggest making it possible. It would probably increase sales as well.
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  2. Choco


    It's not possible, the resource add-on does not allow for this to my knowledge but it would certainly be a great addition.
  3. andrewkm

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    This would be great!
  4. I think it would be a great addition, yes. However, there are some caveats as well. Like you need to make sure it can't be abused to get someone banned. For example, person A buys a premium resource for person B. Then does a chargeback to get person B banned. The system must know who actually bought it and not just who got it.

    So ye, if this is going to happen, a well thought out plan will have to be made first :)
  5. that would be amazing
  6. Legoman99573


    Maybe someone can shoot a request to XenForo to make it a feature request as they will probably make permissions or a config option. Wouldn't hurt to ask them as I think gifting will be a good thing.
  7. I believe in XenForo 2 there is a resource to do this.
  8. and Spigot is running Xenforo 1.5 so this won't work.
  9. Of course it is. md loves staying on old versions. Real examples are Bukkit and BungeeCord - where only netty is being updated and on Bukkit sometimes to sync gson and other dependencies with mojang's versions get updated, nothing else.

    XenForo dropped support for 1.5 , supported versions are 2.0 - security only and 2.1 - full support.
  10. @md_5 any thoughts on this?
  11. Puremin0rez


    That's not at all why the forums are running an old version of Xenforo.

    This has been covered before - the addons and theme of this site are heavily custom and would take hundreds of hours and a significant amount of money to update everything to the newest Xenforo.

    Until there is a significant issue that cannot be resolved using the current Xenforo, I imagine an upgrade in the near future will not be happening.


    As for the actual topic at hand - I think the idea is great in concept but I worry about issues regarding chargebacks and other malicious acts with payments. Imagine buying a few resources for a user, then they do something to mess up the payment - who gets punished? How does it get resolved? That would be quite a large debate and need guidelines for sure.

    Questionable if the benefits outweigh the cons.
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  12. I know, hence why I stated XF2.

    Maybe gifting could have high requirements similar to posting premium plugins, if some day it were to be added in order to counter chargebacks.

    Maybe something like:
    • Account at least 3 months old
    • Has purchased one premium plugin
    • Has X amount of posts
  13. I suppose the buyers list will have to be adapted to include a "gifter" field. Just for simplicity sake, lets assume the buyers list is currently just an array of buyer usernames. So just a single array containing strings. It should be changed to a multilevel array containing arrays of both buyer and gifter usernames. Something like:

    Code (Text):
    Array (
        Array (
        Array (
    The first one is just a normal buyer. The second one is a gifter. In both cases the buyer simply remains the one having access to the premium resource. However, if a chargeback is made, it first checks if the gifter field contains any data. If so, the user in the gifter field would be the one responsible. Access to the resource is simply disabled for the user in the buyer field, but other than that there shouldn't be any consequences for that user.

    Seems to me it's just a matter having the right information available to you: Knowing who paid for the premium resource and handle any chargebacks / disputes exactly same way as it is done right now.

    But that's just very simplified thinking on my side
  14. Reminds me of 1.8 users requesting support on an add-on/plugin for outdated and unsupported software. We should upgrade to xenforo 2.1 or implement it ourselves.
  15. As @Puremin0rez stated, it would be difficult to upgrade to xenforo 2.1, as most of the xenforo plugins (or addons, call them how you want) that the site uses, are mostly custom, and would require hours of work and much money. But the 1.8 part i AgGrEe
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  16. I'd love this feature, I remember giving my spigotmc password to a friend to buy resource for me xD
  17. The amount of chargebacks would be insane if this was a thing
  18. Legoman99573


    would only need to ban the user who made the charge ofc if they do it with malicious intent or add a profile option to disable it to people you follow, or none at all.
  19. Most certainly, which is why this feature would be nice, but it would make it too easy to abuse the system.

    And ensuring that the one who paid the plugin gets bannes when a chargeback happens is not a solution either.

    Any one could open a fake account, buy the thing and gift it to their main account, download it and finally chargeback without caring what happens to the fake account.

    And sure, that goes for the current situation too: theoretically it is possible to pull the same joke now, though I do think the amount of chargebacks would increase significantly.
  20. TheJavaHacker


    Adding on to this, you have to have previously bought the resource for yourself first, would be a nice idea.