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  1. Hello,

    I have found source open plugin which i want to use but i really want to try edit it :p

    My knowledge of writing and stuff with programming is very very basic so please be patient.

    I have downloaded "source code" by using git. Now i have few .yml files (like config.yml) and 1 folder src.

    I was using eclipse mostly but i have downloaded IntelliJ IDEA so i can try on both :p

    Can someone explain me how i can use this source? I can't put it to start codding/editing, I really don't know how.

    Yes i was trying to find some video and there was something about MAVEN but don't really know..

    If you can, please help :)

  2. On Eclipse, you simply go to the File menu (top left) -> Open Projects from File System. In the dialog you press Directory... and you then find the directory of your project (the one that has the src folder) and press OK. You then press Finish.
  3. Strahan


    If you don't know Java, there won't be much point. I'd go learn some basic Java first.
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  4. Mayby You right, that i should learn Java but not everyone is for codding.. I don't really like it, just don't have person who can edit something for me. But changing basic stuff like materials and basic events i know :) I have even wrote few little plugins but i have never used source code.

    Thanks, drives_a_ford :)
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  5. Whilst @drives_a_ford's method would work, any editing would be applied to the original file.

    The method I use is ...
    Create a new project in Eclipse (use a suitable name)
    Go into your system browser and copy the 'src' folder (from the GIT source zip) and paste that into Eclipse's workspace/Projectname/ to replace the 'src'.
    Note that you have to copy the 'plugin.yml' and any other resources which may be included, as well.
    Return to Eclipse and refresh the project (right click the project name).
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  6. Thanks Goldentoenail :)

    Problem is SOLVED
  7. Strahan


    Well, that's your prerogative, but depending on what one attempts to do not having any knowledge of the language could make for a frustrating time of it. If you have no interest in coding, you should've just posted on here asking someone to do it. A lot of people would want a payment, but there are also several of us who like doing stuff that isn't too crazy involved for free cuz we're bored lol.
  8. There is problem, i can't post in section "Hiring - Developers". I do not meet the requirements :( "please note that in order to be able to post new threads in this section you must have an account with at least 20 posts and at least 1 week of age. Upon reaching these amounts you will automatically be promoted within a few hours."
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    Well, you're already almost halfway there. Just engage the community a bit more. The restriction is so we don't just have a bunch of spammers and leeches carpet bomb posting the place.
  10. I believe the idea is to keep this a community rather than simply a market place.

    And TheBros, please don't start spamming pointless posts to reach the 20 posts like some other people do.
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  11. Yeah, I was trying to make it by pointless answering in few posts :p

    It's bad.. but you need to have look from other side. Not everyone have got time and KNOWLEDGE to make 20 worth something posts.. I started making some kind of "looking for plugin for..." because i'm looking for those plugins but I don't think that someone will be looking for plugin for me but mayby :p

    It's good "blocked future" but my account have 4 years now and i have bought few plugins here, so... There could be other option i think :)