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  1. As much as I sometimes dislike what Microsoft does, I highly doubt it will majorly affect anyone of us. They'll probably integrate their services like Azure into it, but I'm sure it will remain as is for the average user.
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  2. Realistically, how are they going to ruin a source code hosting/collaboration service?
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  3. As long as they don't charge to host open source projects we will be good.
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  4. Benz56

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    That would probably kill Github as well.
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  5. I'm not sure they'd be willing to go through the PR nightmare of deleting millions of public repos because inactive/unwilling users arn't paying.
  6. I wouldn't pay and I use Github a lot.
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  7. They literally have two fucking thousand opensource projects on GitHub, they're not going to kill it for fucks sake stop freaking out
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  8. Yeah, the chance of that happening has the same amount of chance that the internet will be ruined because net neutrality was repealed.
  9. ... I mean it wasn't but ok
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  10. Maximvdw


    Guys why so much fear... Microsoft has a reason for buying Github and it's not just for profit. They need Github on their
    side if they want to make team projects work again. I remember 10 years ago: a lot of projects were still C++ or .NET and used TFS as versioning control. It worked, but people moved away from just Microsoft-centered languages such as .NET .. TFS felt that change and Microsoft spend a lot of money on making Git integration (Github as a service in particular) their new standard. It was something you could see from lightyears ahead that they were either going to make their own Git SAAS or buy github.

    I don't think they will ruin it, they have too many competition that can move when drastic changes occur. Most likely they will focus on teams/companies like they did with TFS. Let's be clear, TFS has some cloud features that Github does not have such as access control and automated tasks - I am fairly sure they will be used within github on top of the Git protocol.
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  11. electronicboy

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    Pops to everybody moving over to a company which last year literally deleted all of their users data and was only saved by the fact that they'd made a copy of production into staging to work on stuff because their backup system had been toast for a while...

    Don't get me wrong, M$ really ain't on my list of companies that I really care about, but the heck are they going to do? Trust me, M$ has better things to look at as opposed to whatever project you're working on... more than likely you've used some product of their before and given them more information than what is on your gh profile...
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  12. Hard to be against what Microsoft is doing, seeing as they're the 3rd largest company in the world. I love MSFT, and actually have more of their apps on my phone than default Google apps (and no I don't have a WP lol). However, they are definitely not doing this for the money, as said before. MSFT actually hosts a ton of their own code on GitHub, so it just made sense to buy the company. It's even been stated that MSFT will keep open-source projects free for people, which also makes sense since MSFT itself is getting into the open-source space as well.

    Bringing up Skype and Hotmail isn't fair, since those were what, 10+ years ago? MSFT has changed a ton since then, and Nadella is leading the corporation in the right direction, imo.

    heck, everyone freaked out about them purchasing Mojang and yet, here we are, with Minecraft getting cross-platform, more sales, etc.
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  13. I actually don't believe it will be bad. However, I am gonna to move to Gitlab because I hate Microsoft.
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  14. Choco


    "I think there's going to be a net positive, but just to be safe, I'm going to move to another, less favourable git repository hosting website"
    boi wat.
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  15. You hate Microsoft because why?
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Forcefullness, privacy, actions, choices.

    1) Forcing people to do what they want, you install windows 10 and Microsoft decides it's a good idea to install spamware on your computer without your permission, candy crush, asphalt 8, solitare. I never asked.

    2) Privacy is a massive thing, you can see by their website and windows 10 itself that they do not care about you, they just want your data and that's why things like Spybot antibeacon has been created to stop microsoft from data mining.

    3) Minecraft "Java" Edition

    4) When is 1.13 coming out? It's been near 4 years since 1.8. Ever since Microsoft Studios have taken over, updates has taken a fall for PC.
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  18. 1 + 2) Fair enough, use Linux if you don't want to uninstall apps and use spybot antibeacon

    3) Microsoft have not influenced Java edition at all more or less, they just gave Mojang another team for Bedrock edition. Minecraft will be receiving a few good updates soon, specifically 1.15.

    4) In a couple weeks probably. Pre-release is out and Mojang are trying to stick to a semi-annual release cycle