Give all players a potion effekt

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  1. Hallo all of you on spigot :)

    Im searching for a plug-in there can give all the players on the server a potion effekt like speed 2 or bindless in some time.

    I have find a plug-in who can do it but i dont think it will give offline players the effekt to so if a type the command and the player log in after 2 min they will not have the effekt. I wish that all players on the server (online as offline) get the effekt and it will run out for all players (online as for offline) so someone not just log off to save the effekt (if i give alle speed 5)

    I have find some plug-in but dont think you can use them to do it.

    hope you understand my english and ty for the help :)
  2. So, to be clear, you want something like this:

    /<potioneffect> <level> <duration> - Gives all online players <potioneffect> effect for <duration> seconds at <level> level, if a user with the effect logs out, it will be removed from them.
  3. close. like /give all <potioneffect> <level> <duration>

    ifwe say i type / give all speed 2 3600 (its 1 hour) then all players on the server have it in 1 hour, but if you just log in 5 min later i have type the command you just have it in 55 min. If there are still 30 min left of the duration and you log of the server in 20 min and comeback then you just have the effekt in the last 10 min (the times go even when you log of.

    the best way i see it done is doing permission like you do in potion permissions but the problem with this plug-in is you need the players to relog to get the effekt and sometime you need the server to shot down first before it work
  4. Here you go man!

    potioneffects.give - Use /potioneffect
    Code (Text):
    # PotionEffects Configuration File
      noPermission: "&cYou can not give potion effects to online players!"
      insufficientArgs: "&cUsage: /potioneffect <effect> <level> <duration>"
      invalidEffect: "&c%effect% is not a valid potion effect!"
      invalidAmplifier: "&c%amplifier% is not a valid level!"
      invalidDuration: "&c%duration% is not a valid duration!"
      addedEffect: "&aAdded level %amplifier% %effect% to all players for %duration% seconds!"
    Here is where you will find the potion effects to type into the command:
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  5. ty for it i will try and see if this work :)