Give Anything Listener for Votifier Help??

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  1. Okay, So far I've gotten votifier to successfully connect with PMC and but whenever someone votes, the broadcast wont show up and they don't get the rewards. The odd part is that whenever I type /votetop, its showing that they voted, and when i do a fake vote, it goes through. So any help would be great! Thanks

    Im on version 1.9.4 btw
  2. I don't know what's the plugin behind so how do we help if we don't know what sort of plugin you're currently using.
  3. Its in the title. GAL is Give anything listener for votifier
  4. Sorry :D how should I know.
  5. It's alright.
  6. GAL isn't maintained, nor does the author show any intention of updating it in the future, I recommend Tux's listener.
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  7. Thanks I'll try it out.
  8. i use gal with votifier also vault and a economy plugin gal has not updated. you need to go to the gal listner folder and then config and edit the rewards. i use a simple reward
    - "/money grant {username} 50"

    works fine for me also i use 1.9.4 and gal has not broke yet (crosses fingers)
  9. I have done this. Just doesn't seem to be working correctly.
  10. and your mysql is set up correctly
  11. I don't use mysql. I've used GAListener before and never had this issue. I'm setting it up exactly the same as always.
  12. it disables itself without mysql
  13. Doesn't make sense though. Everything literally works except for the fact that it's not broadcasting the vote and not rewarding them. It's showing in /votetop that they have voted so it's going through..just something is not working properly.
  14. I suggest switching to the premium version of GAListener that is maintained and has support.
  15. precisely premium is better version surely maintained by author since then it has a good tip $$$ :D
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  16. I had this same promblem, I had to remove my current verison and get an earlier one. It seems to work well
  17. It is a something with the vote links you have. I am sure i know what.

    Message me on Skype: XacouPvP
  18. Is Votifier Port Fowarded?
  19. Its a hosted server with a dedicated ip so yes.
  20. Are you using the default port? 8192?