Give me Hub scoreboard examples!

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  1. Yes, you heard it. Send me a picture.
  2. Uhm why? Just try your own Scoreboard Design.
  3. TheJavaHacker


    No, I read it. Maybe I don't want to.
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  4. Send you pics?
    Why not be creative and make something unique to your server?
    If you are wanting to be lazy and copy other servers, why don't you do something for yourself, log into other servers and take screen shots for them yourself?
    If you are this damn lazy and cant come up with your own ideas, then god help your server, because I don't see it having much progress.

    Lastly, there is this cool new word that surfaced not too long ago, not many know about it yet, its kind of hush hush, but I heard about it, long before it was cool, and I'm going to tell you about, it's called... you ready for this... "PLEASE" ... try use that once in a while. If you say please, people might be more inclined to help you!
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  5. Optic_Fusion1

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    You can quite literally just google for this specfic thing...
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  6. no thats not possible, because ha had to waste time and Energy for this and had to work :eek:
  7. -name
    -online players