/givepet Plugin?

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  1. Hello, I am searching for a /givepet plugin where you can type in /givepet (username) and then click a dog, cat or parrot and it will become that players pet. I don’t want a big plugin pack that includes a lot in it. I just want the singular plugin that comes with just the /givepet. Please let me know if anyone knows of anything. Thanks.
  2. By "player's pet" do you mean as if they were tamed in vanilla? AFAIK there's no plugin that does this but I'm happy to help you come up with one.
  3. Yes, I would like a plugin in which a tamed vanilla mob's ownership can be transfered
  4. I unfortunately don't know how to code plugins either. I am hoping one day I can learn from YouTube If I have enough motivation.
  5. Could you describe what you're after in as much detail as possible? What happens when this command is executed?
  6. sure. so when you tame a parrot, dog, or cat their ownership can be transferred at any time with the command /givepet (username). When you execute that command it will say in chat for you: "Please right click the pet you would like to transfer." then once you right click the pet you want to transfer it will be teleported to the player you chose to give it to. I think that is enough detail, but if you have anymore questions feel free to ask :)
  7. Sounds good. I'll start working on this in an hour or so. Do you mind if I post it on the resources section once I've finished it?
  8. Im quite new here so I don't really know what that is xD. is it where people can download it and use it? if so, I don't mind if other people use it
  9. Just to clarify, which server version are you on?
  10. My server is on version 1.16.3
  11. Just thought I'd let you know I'm almost done with this, just putting on some finishing touches now. It'll be up soon :)
  12. :eek: thank you so much! Ill test it out now.
  13. Looks really good! There is one thing I forgot to mention though. Is there a way to add horses, donkeys, and llamas into it?
  14. I can do, I'll experiment with it now.
  15. you didn't really take much time or money from this,
    how can anyone be sure its not a virus ? since trojan viruses are spreading between plugins somewhere, some people really posted about it a bit ago on here,
    so please try to make sure you are not doing anything wrong with this, so you don't get into trouble!

    and thanks for your hard work, this was just a warning from a fellow friend!
  16. The source code is right there. Compile it yourself if you really like.
  17. i'm just making sure everything is good,
    and you seem really new to this, making free plugins for everyone,
    I just noticed you got 2 other plugins, one of them is from a thread like that too,
    so good luck with your work,

    one last thing,
    would you be down to work for a Network ? if yes, message me on discord [ AodX#7679 ], Thank you!
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