Gives player money for killing a mob

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  1. Hello!
    I need a plugin for my minecraft survival server that Gives the player a specified amount of money that's configurable for each mob.
  2. I recommend Jobs. It's a highly customizable plugin that gives the player money for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, crafting, smelting, brewing, enchanting, repairing, breeding, taming, milking, dyeing, shearing, exploring the map and even killing a player with custom proffesion !
    You can customize the amount of money for each action.. I'm still using this plugin, it's really great and you can download it from here!

    As an alternative to Jobs, you can use Quest World 2 !
  3. @jeabine - They must choose a job or something to do that thing and I want only for killing mobs.
  4. KillerMoney

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  5. Okay, then use MobHunting.