1.12.2 giving item with lore not working

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  1. Ok so im making an event in my plugin where it gives someone an item with a lore when they join, it gives them the diamond hoe but it has no lore. but you can't stack it on top of a normal diamond hoe so something is different about it

    Code (Text):
       public void onPlayerJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
           List<String> Lore = new ArrayList<>();
           Bukkit.broadcastMessage(String.format("0x%08X", lorecrc)); // you can remove this ine
           ItemStack TNTHoe = new ItemStack(Material.DIAMOND_HOE);
           ItemMeta meta = TNTHoe.getItemMeta();
           Lore.add("TNT Detonator, an item used to detonate the new kinds of TNT");
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  2. Please use a code block. :)
  3. i couldnt see the option

    edit: i found it
  4. Strahan


    Code works fine for me, and it's normal that you cannot stack a diamond hoe. That's the default behavior of the game.
  5. Same for me even did a fresh 1.12.2 server build and with a new plugin build, lore is there.

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  6. Turns out im a dumbass and forgot to export the plugin lmao
  7. it happens sometimes, I usually forget to add commands to the plugin.yml file, but since the issue is solved, don't forget to mark the thread as solved.