Giving players free Worldedit

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  1. I know many Creative servers do this but the staff on my server is concerned about editing limits and just giving players access to W/E in general. How can I convince them it will work for a creative plot map or freebuild map? How can this be implemented?
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  2. For one, you can install something like FastAsyncWorldEdit, which would make any W/E period much faster and cause much less lag, however as long as you have limits of some sort, then you should be alright giving W/E to players.
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  3. As long as you're using PlotSquared people can't worldedit out of plots they don't own (or are added to, not sure about that one though)

    And yeah, FastAsyncWorldEdit to be safe.
  4. In the WE config you can set a maximum amount of blocks
  5. You can limit how many blocks worldedit will allow you to change at a time using the //limit [amount of blocks]. Note that this will also effect W.E. for ops and everyone on the server. If you would like to set it higher for a large worldedit for some reason, just //limit 99999999999 or something. I reccommend around 20-30000 blocks as your //limit. That seems to work well for me on my server :)
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  6. Would it be possible to set limits on a per-rank basis without a plugin?
  7. No.