Praise Giving Thanks!

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  1. Tao


    Dear Members of the Spigot Community, staff and all!

    I purely wanted to make this thread simply because today, I want to give thanks. This has been an absolutely amazing community and i'm so lucky to be apart of it!

    Special thanks to @jflory7 and @md_5 for being the staff members most helpful and 'cool' towards me! Though you are all amazing and it was hard to pick out the two, I still could identify those as the most positive towards me.

    I've been with the community for only around three weeks but I love it so much already, it's positive vibe and atmospheric feel is heart warming and welcoming.

    Other members, that are not staff that i'd like to give thanks to is @Ferx and @frash23, they've been nice and direct towards me and they were the first few people I engaged with in Spigot.

    I will soon become a Patron donor and I can't wait for that glorious day.

    Thank you everyone for creating a great feel and a good first impression on me.
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  2. Ferx


    Sometimes you can forget what an amazing group of people who reside here.

    Thanks for remind me Tao, Spigot has helped me a lot. <3.

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  3. x_L


    Same feelings c:
    I'm here like almost every hour, second. c:
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  4. saphiria


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  5. The most important thing that cheers me up is how someone continued the development of Spigot while everyone else in the Bukkit team showed no loyalty.
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  6. Tao


    Everyday is a good day for 'Thanksgiving', because everyday we give thanks. ;)
  7. jflory7

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    Reminds me of how I felt when I first joined Spigot. :rolleyes:
  8. Tao


    I can imagine so.