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Bug Glitchy crafting/inventory management with higher ping/latency

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Brottweiler, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. I have 188ms to my server, and I have noticed that especially when crafting it can be very glitchy. It is very hard to explain, but I will try.

    With glitchy I mainly mean that, if you craft stuff quickly with a high ping/latency, items you placed will appear to be not placed anymore client side, or that you have crafted a hoe instead of a pick. The items are where you placed them server side, but client side it appears it gets "undone".
    One way to easy reproduce this is to make planks, and then make 3 sets of bowls. Which means that you take planks, right click three times in each slot. If you have a high ping, you should notice that some of the blocks simply just dissapears. But they are still there server side, if you try to press in one of the empty slots where you placed planks, you will pickup planks since they are there server side but not client side.

    I tried this on a new server that _only_ ran Spigot #933, no plugins. I've had this issue on previous builds too.

    Other users can also confirm this. These users are also far away from where the server is hosted, so they may even have higher ping then me which results in even more issues. One person I tested it with had about 200 ms ping.

    To reproduce this you want to craft the bowls as I said earlier, and you want a ping that is fairly high; about 150ms or higher. The higher the better.

    Is this knowned? Is there any one else that can confirm these issues?

  2. Z750

    IRC Staff

    Testing on #933 I was able to confirm that crafting was very buggy. I flooded my server (FOR SCIENCE) and got the ping to a little over 1800ms. Crafting was buggy and unreliable, sometimes even misreporting how many items were in a stack.

    Updated to #934 and re-tested under the same conditions. Crafting was still a little glitchy but definitely seemed better. I didn't run into any more issues of misreporting the number of items in a stack but items did still 'blink' a lot. That said it was usable but still not a great experience.

    That said, those who aren't flooding their servers with UDP packets will probably not have an experience as bad as mine. I intentionally tried to test the extremes of this problem.
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  3. joehot200


    Not getting this problem, but i am using a build as old as the stone age.
  4. Z750

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    The higher your ping is the more noticeable it will be. Also it seems worse on builds that used the new Netty engine. #934 rolled back to the older one.
  5. You explain what you see very good. I updated to #934, and it was a lot better.
    As you say, items still "blinked", and sometimes when I right clicked 3 times fast, it showed 2 items and not 3, but then it fixed itself. The glitchyness fixed itself, so it is much better than before.
  6. joehot200


    Thats true, i only get about 90 players on at peak times, so the server does not really lag at all.
  7. As said, you need high ping (150ms+?) to notice it, and this seems to appear in later builds since there was no such issue in older ones.
  8. The player count won't really affect your ping to the server. I have 188ms ping to mine. If I have 100 players, I'd most likely still have 188ms ping. The TPS may drop cause of the players, but my ping won't increase.
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  9. Puremin0rez


    I actually had the same issue the other day when I was playing Skyblock with my friend. Items were ghosting and going into wrong slots.

    If Build #934 made it better, it means the downgrade of Netty managed to fix it.

    Not sure why but it seems like all the recent Netty updates (out of md_5s control) have been buggy recently.

    I'm sure he'll keep it on the specific build of Netty known to work now.
  10. joehot200


    md_5 can always nag the netty team :D xD
  11. Yesterday it seemed to be alot better, today it seems to be the same.. I know HCSMP runs Spigot, and I talked to them. I believe they run an older version, and they were supposed to update to #934 last night, I do not know if they have done that yet.
    I encounter no crafting issues on that server, I believe they might be running an older Spigot version however. I am trying to find out what version they do run.

    Edit: They have not updated. Cannot reproduce issue on their server, probably since they run an older build that has not introduced this bug.
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  12. Puremin0rez


    Bukkit has done some inventory event additions/fixes/changes recently so maybe that's whats going on.

    Does it only happen on Spigot?
  13. I tried out the latest CraftBukkit RB and, I can for the most part reproduce this issue. It is more or less the same, did not do that much testing though. Just tried to craft with quickly/normal speed and issues I have with Spigot also happened with CraftBukkit.
    So it might not be Spigot after all, but CB. :/

    Edit: I have tried to google around for a good while, also checking the Bukkit Bug Tracker, and the Bukkit Forums, to try and find any threads or anything that mentions this issue. I found nothing of value.
    All I found was "old" threads from when this was not an issue. Normal "noob threads" where a some kid asks "it lags", "why does it lag", and "how do i fix lag".

    Can someone else try out CraftBukkit on a server with a higher ping, and see if you aswell can reproduce this?
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  14. I have noticed this issue on another server, the Overcast Network, who are using Sportsbukkit. I have a ping of 145ms to that server, and I notice the same issues, but less. A lot of other users have reported this issue, and these users have a ping above 200ms in most cases, and it's almost unplayable.

    It seems to be a issue with Craftbukkit yes.
  15. Here is another example of this bug, which seems to indeed be a Craftbukkit bug. The server runs MrApple's SportsBukkit though, but as far as I am aware this is a CraftBukkit bug: https://oc.tc/forums/posts/51f101d0af7fb0c000006855

    Check the video in the post, and read the post which explains what happens.