Global Ranks? Help?

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  1. Ok! Hi guys. My name is googlemaster190!
    I am very new to the forums!
    I have my own factions server community! It's very great!
    I have one problem and concern though :/
    Recently I bought another server and I have been setting it up to become a prison sever! Now
    with everyone with ranks on factions, I would love my players to have their ranks on prison without them having to donate again! But I don't know where to start! Can someone please tell me what plugin I need to move all their ranks over? Or if there is any other way please help me? Or if there is any commands I should set in buy craft? Please let me know! I don't really understand what a MySQL database is, so if your going to tell me that can you please write me a written tutorial? Or link me some video tutorials. PLEASE! I really need help? I don't want to do it manually
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  2. Use a permissions plugin that uses MySQL like PEX or zPermissions or SQLPerms or PEX + SexyPEX.

    Using PEX, for example: If you point all the servers at the same database, players will have the same group AND permissions across servers. If you don't want to give the same permissions on different servers but want to use the same database with player's groups, name the servers world differently, then assign permissions you want only on that server, to that world. For example with PEX: /pex group groupname add worledit.perms creative to assign "worldedit.perms" to "groupname" ONLY for the world "creative" (and worlds that inherit it)

    SQLPerms or SexyPEX makes it easier to separate permissions per server while keeping the same group, but it is doable with vanilla PEX/zPermissions.
  3. Thank, you for helping me, but I'm still trying to understand, sorry if I'm not with your pace? Is there any kind of video tutorial I can watch to understand it a little better? Plus, I'm going to start to use bungee with it!
  4. Honestly, if it's 2 seperate servers, just manually do it and if you use buycraft, when they buy a rank add it to both servers.
  5. You got a point there, I mean but manually takes a long time :p maybe I'll go through all my transactions. Write down the people who already purchased then put the commands in buycraft.
  6. I don't have time to write such a long/in-depth tutorial, sorry. Here are some links instead.

    1) Setup MySQL server.
    2) Setup PEX w/MySQL
    3) Make each server have a different world name (the one in (If you change an existing world name, you have to change the world folder name to match, and probably many different things in plugin settings/data storage)
    4) Assign permissions per world

    There are tutorials for all that out there. Take it one step at a time.


    After reading a bit if it still sounds too complicated (or you don't have a place to host a MySQL server), you could also just copy existing groups manually, and setup BuyCraft to run the commands to add groups on BOTH servers.
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  7. Google, how many people do you think donated that you would need to transfer over?
  8. About 150 donated to me. And I need to transfer em over to prison
  9. Ok that's a lot. If you're gonna do that then I meanyou could try doing what others said with a databse, but i suggest just doing it by hand.
  10. Use a bungee-compatiable permissions handler.
  11. Awesome i needed this too