Spigot GlobalMarketChest - GUI Shop Plugin 1.12.0

GUI shop plugin that allows to easily create global shops to sell and buy auctions

  1. It is recommended to add new items to the shelves
  2. What do you mean by "add new items to the shelves" ?
  3. When you put on a new item
    Seeing the announcement in the full service, players have listed xx items
  4. In the full service ?
    You mean, see auctions number of same item type you created ?
    Or notify in the chat when you create an auction ?

    Sorry, I don't really understand what is your request.
  5. A advice is that when a new item is added it can broadcast automatically.
  6. Oh ok, when someone create an auction, you want to broadcast a message inside world.
    Like when you buy an auction but when you create it.
  7. Hello, there are some problems with the latest version. The old version doesn't exist. When players buy items, only the backstage has a broadcast. There is no broadcast in the game
  8. BroadcastInsideWorld:true

    Already set
  9. Did you reset your config and language file when you installed the new version ?
  10. Now it's normal again. I'm looking at it
  11. ah good :) maybe a wrong file reset or a wrong reboot
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  12. Hey, it's possible to add black listed items that have an specific lore/name and not just the name or id?
  13. No, you can only blacklist an entire item and not a specific one with lore.
    I assume you are using a quest plugin like BetonQuest that use lore to identify quests ?
  14. No no, I use MMoItems and I want that some items have this in lore (Cannot sell, cannot trade) I also use Trade+ that allows me to blacklist custom lore or name. If that feature is possible in this plugin will be amazing! This plugin has a lot that a like so, I can make a donation for that feature as a personal request if you want... cus I really need that one in specific and I welp some devs deserve more for their amazing free resources!
  15. There is an old issue that has been created to blacklist items with lore https://github.com/EpiCanard/GlobalMarketChest/issues/73
    I left it behind for the moment because no one else requested this feature but if it is useful for you I can add it in plan for next release.
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  16. I will really appreacite it if you do that, thanks for reply!
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  17. how do i create a store with out being a auction?
  18. wiht out being a auction ? What do you want in kind of store if it is not auctions ?
  19. I just want to make a shop with Multiple categories and have items not have a countdown to end the item does this pluging have this options??
  20. Idk if you have use this pluging
    GlobalChestShop ¸.•$•.¸ GUI Shop & Auction House but its no longer good no updates and i just trying to look for something like this plugin.