Spigot GlobalMarketChest - GUI Shop Plugin 1.12.1

GUI shop plugin that allows to easily create global shops to sell and buy auctions

  1. The multiple categories you alreadu have them available, you can custom them with file categories.yml.
    If you want an auction that never expire it is not possible but you can set parameter NumberDaysExpiration to a really big value
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  2. If talk about admin shop, this plugin doesn't have admin shop
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  3. This is a very good plugin, but I hope it can be compatible with MySQLPlayerDataBridge
  4. It is done but not yet released. It will be available in next release ;)
  5. That's great. I hope as soon as possible
  6. I will do my best with the little free time I have :)
  7. when I open the GUI it like a blank chest screen. but it does work if you blindly click. I'm i missing something lol?
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  8. Can you create an issue here https://github.com/EpiCanard/GlobalMarketChest/issues
    With more details like your Minecraft version, which server you are using (spigot, bukkit,etc) and it's version, some screenshot and logs if you have error inside console ?
  9. If you used before an old version and you updated the plugin, think to reset your config and language file. If it doesn't work create an issue on GitHub :)
  10. Hello~Can you add anonymous sale and anonymous purchase?Thank you.This is a great plugin.
  11. Can be a good idea, I will add it inside list of feature to do.
    Thank you :)
  12. Cool Plugin!
    Could you add Created-Auction and Bought-Auction annoucements?
  13. What do you mean by annoucements ? you mean a broadcast message ? For Bought-Auction, it is already done, but only in the world where the shop is located and for Created-Auction, it is done in the last development-build, but not yet released
  14. There is a guy on MCBBS who wants you to add 1 function
    Full service announcements are issued after the creation of auction items is completed / sold
    xxx auctioned item for xxxmoney
    xxx's xxx items were purchased by xxx

    In addition, I have finished your WIKI and reproduced it on MCBBS
    Currently under review, I will post the link to you after waiting for the review
  15. There is already a message when someone buy an auction (already released) and a message when someone create an auction (not yet released). But this message is broadcasted only inside the world of the sign.
    You want to broadcast it in all the server ?

    Perfect for the wiki :)
  16. broadcast it in all the world is enough;)
  17. Yes, that guy wants to send a message that the whole server can see when it is on the shelf

    Reprint of Chinese WIKI is complete, you have reviewed
    I added a little bit of my own understanding and finished picture
    Most of the pictures of your WIKI are still used
  18. That guy is @BlueSoarMC ? ^^
    I will add in the future a way to select the worlds for broadcast.

    For the wiki I'm sorry, I saw there are some parts not up to date. I update this and tell you which parts need to be updated.

    (The link to the main post seems broken, and inside wiki the link to main post redirect to a post call "TriggerReactor")
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