Spigot GlobalMarketChest - GUI Shop Plugin 1.12.0

GUI shop plugin that allows to easily create global shops to sell and buy auctions

  1. It could be him! I am not very clear about his SpigotMC account
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  2. ok ^^
    Thank you :)
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  3. Language text
    ConfigShop: "& 2Shop configuration"
    Whether there is an extra space character
  4. I looked inside the language files and there is no space, you may have accidentally changed this setting.
  5. ConfigShop : "&2Shop configuration"
  6. Yes like this :)
  7. EpiCanard updated GlobalMarketChest - GUI Shop Plugin with a new update entry:

    Release 1.8.1 - 1.16

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  8. Hi, I'm trying to translate the plugin into Spanish, and I tried to change the English language file name to lang-es_ES.yml and also in the config, but the following error appears: https://gyazo.com/62c1f4c633c504acd07d01bd1dc4ebd0

    You can see fr_FR in the photo because I tried other alternatives to load the language file.
  9. If your file is named 'lang-es_ES.yml' and inside config the parameter General.Lang is equals to 'lang-es_ES.yml' all should work as expected. Maybe the plugin doesn't have access to file. Did you create the file with an admin user ? (Root for example)
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  10. @EpiCanard Hey there's a dupe bug when the server is about to start (im not sure what players do) probably creating an auction seconds before restart and they can dupe those items so our temporary solution is when the server is about to restart whe remove all permissions for the restart only
  11. Really strange bug and will be hard to reproduce.
    Other solution is to kick everyone and activate whitelist while the server is not fully restart.

    The bug if I understand, player drag an drop items, wait the plugin is disabled and get items of the chest ? If it is the case I can maybe just close every global shop before the disable of the plugin.
  12. @Kubson_19 hum it's what I was thinking, the plugin already close all inventory when it is disabled.
    Can you provide more details about the dupe bug ?
  13. 我的意思是是否让它存在于多个经济销售项目中。
  14. Both Vault and PlayerPoints can be used, and the economy of 2 can be displayed in the list!
  15. I don't well understand what's the problem. If it is compatible with vault it should works as expected.
    Vault is just an interface between the economy plugin and other plugins (in this case GMC)
  16. Hello author! Can you add a 'create Auction' and 'buy' permission, so that players with permission can create an auction or buy in a specified store. In my server, players are divided into many settlements, and each settlement has its own store. I hope that only players belonging to this settlement can create an auction in the settlement store, and other players can only buy but can't create it (they don't even have 'buy' permission and can't buy it)
    (software translation may not be accurate)
  17. Currently the permission to create or buy auctions already exists, but it is global for the entire server. I can create a task to add permissions per shop.