Standalone Glowstone 2021.8.0

open source Minecraft server implementing Spigot API

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  1. Can you please describe cons of this project or why we should switch from Spigot to Glowstone++ ? Thakns :)
  2. Give a look to the glowstone's project website ;)
  3. Your website doesn't actually say WHY we should use it.
  4. 10/10 IGN

    10/10 Too Much Entities
  5. Hi Mortalsinn,

    The main advantage is that it is fully open source, with all the advantages that come with being open source. As an independent third-party implementation, the complete blueprints of the server's design are freely available, for review and modification and redistribution as anyone sees fit (under the terms of the open source licenses: the server implementation is MIT, the API is GPL).

    You can dive into the code and see exactly how it works, no obfuscation or other barriers. You can modify the code, enhance it or drastically change it, then share it freely and openly.

    This is in contrast to, say, the official Minecraft server, and its derivatives — including the Spigot Server, or the Forge Server, or other modifications. While much of Spigot is open source, as a modification to the official Minecraft server software, it nonetheless depends on decompiled proprietary code. This is the semi-obfuscated net.minecraft package that plugin developers sometimes run into. The code has to be deobfuscated and updated for every release, keeping in sync with changes in the official Minecraft server.

    With the Glowstone++ (and Glowstone) server in contrast, there is no obfuscation, no decompilation, no proprietary code: everything is laid out there bare for anyone to see and change. I think of it as a fancy transparent computer case where the inner machinery is clearly visible (and tinker-able), as opposed to an opaque beige box.

    Of course, not being based on the official Minecraft server software has some major disadvantages. Glowstone++ is not as complete, and does not implement all of the game mechanics yet. Since they have to be written from scratch, this is an uphill battle, but progress is being made. Nonetheless, Glowstone++ will likely lag behind Minecraft in feature-completeness for the foreseeable future.

    If you want a fully-functional server with all of the gameplay features in Minecraft, then Glowstone++ may not be the best choice, compared to the alternatives. However, as a community-developed open source project, it can only get better. Any contributions are welcome, whether from testing, bug reporting, bug fixes, feature development, etc. More information for interested contributors is available at

    If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask I'd be glad to answer, will check this thread periodically
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  6. Didn't this project get abandoned and replaced by Glowstone++?
  7. Glowstone++ is now Glowstone :)
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  8. The website states it has support for Bukkit plugins, but also doesn't implement any Mojang code. What if my plugin used NMS code?
  9. Those are not Bukkit plugins in the strictest sense, which is what we're referring to on the website. We are working on implementing nms and obc methods that use Glowstone code, so that those plugins do work.
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  10. Hey, I think I remember a post on how one can use the Bungeecord Chat API in a Spigot plugin by using the server jar instead of the API jar. I might remember this wrong or it might be changed or something but if this is true does it mean plugins that use this don't work too? Since I have seen plenty of plugins using it :/
  11. Well you're supposed to add the chat API dependency directly, but in the end it doesn't matter how you add it. Glowstone will support this in the future, but for now, we use a temporary util class. So your plugin might not work, but it isn't the same problem as supporting nms or obc plugins.