Spigot [GM4] Damaging Snowballs [1.7 + 1.8+] 1.0

This plugin causes snowballs to deal a small amount of damage to Mobs & Players!

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    [GM4] Damaging Snowballs [1.7 + 1.8+] - This plugin causes snowballs to deal a small amount of damage to Mobs & Players!

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  2. seems like a super simple plugin that can allow players to use snow golems to actually protect there areas? :) actually making snow golems useful finally :)
  3. :D Please like and rate the resource please. And players can damage other entities with snowballs as well.
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  4. i'm okay with players snowballs damaging entities, but how much damage do they deal? can i customize the effects of the snowballs? maybe be able to add slowness gradually with the snowballs like it's making them cold and stiff? :p i don't want people to just be loading there inventories with snowballs if they're the best weapons.. i want them to be very minimal damage to prevent that, and also to be realistic as well because realistically.... snowballs wont kill mobs.. but in this minecraft world, we can make slight exceptions ;P for the sake of fun, functionality, and making more use of stuff! if the snowballs must cause like 1-2 hearts damage.. maybe i'll just disable snowtrails, like i usually do anyways. butyea idk anyways i haven't tried the plugin yet but am excited to. i definitely see implementation of this plugin into some of my servers though, no doubt, as long as its uber lightweight
  5. All of my GM4 plugins are beyond light-weight and the plugin has a config where you can change snowball damage. And I like the idea with getting slow after a while, I may add that feature this week.
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  6. you could possibly make it so players could configure it how they personally want it like, some people might want no snowball damage, and just a gradual slowness effect, based on the ammnt of snowballs thrown at the entity within certain time periods... like, 1 snowball every 5 seconds wouldn't do anything, but 1 snowball every second could eventually after 5-10 seconds add a bit of slowness, and then even more in that time period could cause more slowness... i'm not sure how you can implement this type of feature but.
    throwin some vague ideas your way, sure that you can do somethin nice with them if you see fit in YOUR plugin :)
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