Spigot [GM4] DesireLines [1.7 + 1.8] 1.0.3

Natural paths in often-traveled areas

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    [GM4] DesireLines [1.7 + 1.8] - Natural paths in often-traveled areas

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  2. is there any feature where the replacement blocks can eventually go back to normal if not touched as much anymore?
  3. Yeah, I could add that, but it could be a bit resource intensive to save the state of all blocks. Dirt grows back to dirt by default if it isn't disabled by another plugin. "Real" desire lines which are pretty deep would also take quite some time to grow back.
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  4. I think this can be really cool when this 1.9 update will be released :)[​IMG]
  5. Does this take allot of resource? RAM CPU.
  6. No.
  7. hmmm.. i wonder if i can replace flowers with air or dead bush etc ;P might try that soon

    and i was gonna say.. i wish the desirelines would stay longer, whilst keeping grass spread on,

    but maybe the thing to do would be to increase the replacement probability, so that coarse dirt can show up soon after the dirt and solidify the trails until broken manually... hmmm :)

    how long does the minimum passes keep each block passed in memory?
  8. Code (Text):
    #Replacement probability (0-100%)
    probability: 90
    #Minumum amount of passes above the block to replace it
    amount: 5
    #Replacements for blocks below players (Original block > Replacement:Damage value)
    - 'GRASS>DIRT'
    - 'DIRT>DIRT:1'
    long grass and yellow flowers won't work :( i think it would be cool to let that stuff work with this plugin as well because, now i have paths, with flowers and long grass on them still ;P it would add to the realism off stomping stuff to death right :) plus it would add sooooo much more "replacement" implementations on servers from this plugin :)
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  9. The plugin doesn't control how long it stays replaced, that is handled by the default minecraft mechanics.

    Only blocks directly below the player are currently replaced; I guess I could also check the blocks at the player's feet.
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  10. for how long will your plugin remember that a block has been walked on? like... if someone walked down a path every 10 minutes, for example, and the minimum passes is set to 3, would it start replacing blocks during the 3rd pass after 30 minutes? or would it have already forgotten about those blocks and look at them as a first pass again after each 10 minute wait?

    and yea i think that would be a great idea to monitor blocks at feet as well! i don't think that would cause any problems at all eh
    maybe make it an option so it's not doing that all the time for people who don't need it right? performance saver?
  11. The plugin remembers the passes until you restart your server.
    You can't really save performance any more. It only checks the blocks if a player actually walked onto another block.
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  12. @Kylian6350
    And that's your reason to not rate it 5 stars?
  13. Hey,

    Few questions,

    can there be areas where this isn't affected? like a park or something

    also how long is it before the block resets count and resets block? cause if someone walks on a block, and someone else doesn't for another 12 hours, then i don't want that to be counted?

    much like if a path is made (if people are just running around) but no one else goes there for a few weeks, i wouldn't want a path still there.

    could this be possible?
    also is it able to try and join the dots? to create like a solid path, not not dotted dirt?
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  14. i agree that there should be a limit on how long the server remembers the passes, of some sort
    and when i was talking about saving performance i ment if you implement blocks at feet aswell, maybe make it an option so people who don't need it aren't being effected by the new feature
  15. Just wondering, will this ignore regions where building is denied for players? Seems like a neat plugin, but don't want the grass in my spawn to be ruined from this! Might be a nice feature to add if not in there already.

    Maybe you can create a custom world guard flag to prevent the trampling of the ground in flagged regions.
  16. are you adding path support from 1.9?
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  17. You should be able to just add GRASS_PATH to the replacements.