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Does this plugin sound fun?

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  1. I am thinking about making a plugin, I just want to get some feedback first.

    Do you think this is a cool idea for a plugin?

    People can become Gods. If people become your "follower"s, you gain "power".

    You can get followers by people praying to you. The last God a player prayed to becomes their God.

    A player can pray once a (real) day. And the prayer goes into the Gods prayer cloud. When the God comes on they can read the prayer and answer them, or ignore them.

    The more followers a god get, the more power. Once a player has 25 God power, they can become a God.

    Once a God, you have to pick 10 commandments for your followers (out of a list of a bunch of possible commandments).
    The commandments will be like, though shall not kill a <mob> or, Thou shall eat <food>. (5 shalls and 5 shants). When people obey the God gets power, but when they disobey the God will loose power until he ether forgives them, or punishes them. If he forgives them, he gets half the power back, if he punishes them, he gets it all back. (But the follower may get mad and stop praying to him.)

    But even though they are a God, they are not invulnerable. They can allocate their "power" points to unlock certain powers. Like striking lightning flying, ect.

    There will be some extreme powers that use "power" points permanently, like smiting someone to death, summoning items ect.

    Let me know what you think of this idea.
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    What if you don't go to church on Sunday?
  3. There are no churches. Its meant to be like the Gods and demi-Gods from Greek mythology.

    You can have your followers build you a temple, but it will just server to attract more followers.
  4. What if you can hire servants using a economy? Like they can build u a house or something.
  5. You don't hire people, you are a God, they do things for you to get blessed and not cursed.

    But a blessing of money will be something a God could give.
  6. hm... would be a cool gamemode for a server. I would dig this
  7. Yah, if this were on a server I would want to play it.
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  9. Its not really plugin development, its a thread to get ideas/feedback from the community.
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    The other forum you posted it in is for feedback and concerns about the community itself (i.e. meta discussion). It's not really for polling the community about personal projects or ideas.
  11. Sounds like a fun rpg server. Whats the point of it though? To become the supreme god?
  12. I think you are getting your religions mixed up. Otherwise, it seems like a pretty cool idea.
  13. the 10 commandments may come from the Jews and Christians, etc. but I think he meant like Greek gods setting rules for the people such as sacrafice so and so mob every month blah blah blah XD.
  14. Can cause a flame war with IRL religion things...
  15. Sounds great!

    (Maybe would help you if you want)
  16. Yah, not the "10 commandments", just 10 rules for your people.

    And the point would be having battles between gods and just fun!

    You may not be able to hurt a god directly, but killing his followers or leading them astray would lower his power, until he looses his invulnerability.
  17. That is an interesting idea.
  18. It's a really good plugin idea, I think...