Going from vanilla to Spigot - what will change?

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  1. Hello,

    I am renting a server on BeastNode (4GB premium service /w multicraft setup) and I am currently running a whitelisted simple vanilla server. There are around 40 members, with up to 20 online at the same time during the weekends. Some of our players are technical, some are pure builders, but everyone are relaxed, and we dont need plugins to prevent griefing and such. As players are establishing their bases, we are beginning to get a lot of skipped ticks now.

    It is actually surprisingly hard to find good information regarding 'what will change/what will break' about vanilla vs spigot, so I figured I would ask here. I have browsed through some of the spigot features/wiki, but I guess I dont understand the implications of running spigot as opposed to vanilla. I am hoping this could be a pro/con list for myself and other people in my situation.

    In the best of worlds: We want a smooth, lag free server that can handle 15-20 people at renderdistance 12 if at all possible. The server has to behave like vanilla.I am not really interested in plugins, except maybe dynmap.

    - Will Spigot help?
    - What vanilla game mechanics will break? (sorters, mob farms, villagers, redstone..)
    - What differences would the players notice in general gameplay?

    We are all adults on our server, we understand that you cant always get all you want, but I would like to get as close as possible. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Rockfarmer aka. Kristian
  2. Honestly, if your render distance is 12, you could probably eliminate a lot of your lag just by lowering it to 10, or the more standard 8. I didn't even know that there were servers that went above 10 render distance.

    To answer your questions though,
    - Yes, Spigot will help you with lag you're getting- it'll also give you a handy tool for troubleshooting lag on your server, timings.
    - Nothing should break to my knowledge from vanilla, unless you change corresponding config values that would change that type of stuff.
    - The only difference they should notice is that your server will be less laggy. Additionally, you'll notice that items and xp that are dropped on the ground will be grouped together, unless you turn that off for whatever reason...

    The item grouping feature spigot provides could potentially mess up some item-sorting systems... maybe? I haven't ever had a problem with it on my server, but then again I've always compensated for that fact when I was building redstone stuff.

    Additionally if you use command blocks on your server they may work differently I believe, but I think there is a config section in spigot which lets you choose whether or not vanilla commands are replaced by bukkit's version of them or not.
  3. None. There has been some reoprts from users about redstone mechanics, that won't behave like in vanilla, but as far as i know it never has been prooved, that any particular redstone feature behaves differently in spigot. A well planned, structured and organized circuit will work just like in vanilla.
    Other mechanics like mob farms / villagers doesn't change at all.

    In general, everything that will change can be set up here: http://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-configuration/ (and here: http://wiki.bukkit.org/Bukkit.yml).

    Without plugins.... none.
    Only maybe some details like the item merge radius of drops or something. But no difference in any gameplay mechanics.

    The biggest advantage of spigot is the open, well documented API and the huge community.
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  4. Thanks for the input so far - we are currently running render distance 10, and I am aware of the implications of having it set to 12 and I know it is a big ask on the CPU... The world just looks so much better, and this really is a group of casual adults that values that a lot. My self included.

    We are using the Hermitcraft style 1-player sleeping and anti-endermen greifing command blocks. Nothing else though, everyone just wants a vanilla server. Most people on the server wants to go watch a youtube tutorial and trust that it works. I know the Iron Titan breaks due to loading and unloading spawn chunks, but I dont know what could potentially break on the technical side of things, especially hoppers and redstone timings. Grouping up entities is fine with me though.
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  5. @Rockfarmer Is there a way to get the Iron Titan to work correctly with Spigot or should I just try another design? I'm also wondering what are the changes between vanilla Minecraft and Spigot out of the box, and how I can update my Spigot settings for a more vanilla experience with regards to building automated farms.
  6. Hello! This is still relevant, and we haven't got a good answer.
    We all know, that fundamentals won't change, but for technical players, the smallest things matter too. Like item grouping, spawn chunk unloading, as mentioned before, any many others like lazy chunk behavior, entity movement, hopper speeds, BUD behavior, chunk loading technics, village creation behavior, and so on. These are all VERY important things, and all would be cool to know. It would be awesome to have a list, even an incomplete one, to see what to expect.
    Vanilla-loving communities would be very happy to see well into these things!
    And further a suggestion: It would be very good to be able to set these things to vanilla behavior easily in config!

    Also, do these apply to CraftBukkit? Or is that more like Vanilla?
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  7. There will be small changes, like you said. But, most of these features can be modified back when you configure spigot. Most options are there to help improve server performance.

    If you would like a complete list, you can take a look at the patch list, which will give you an idea of what is different. The titles should be pretty self-explanatory. Link: https://hub.spigotmc.org/stash/projects/SPIGOT/repos/spigot/browse. Again, these features can be modified back.
  8. md_5

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    CraftBukkit should be like Vanilla in almost every way.
    Spigot should be like Vanilla the same as CraftBukkit, but potentially different out of the box settings for spawning / growth, item merging etc.
    If you're making some 17,000 command block contraption that relies precisely on every single thing you've listed above, then maybe stick with vanilla.
  9. Entity spawn/despawn/AI ranges are a bit different, crops grow in longer intervals. That is all i can think of that would be important to players.