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    I'm going to be creating a semi cheap server. There's going to be slight generic items on the server, for I am creating a challenge for myself. To sum it up, there's an eBook that I bought a while back. In it, it gives a general outline of how you can run a successful Minecraft server with little money. It also gives steps on how to advertise, run forums, and how to achieve decent numbers. My ultimate goal with this project is to follow this eBook 99% of the way. In it, it suggests using forum software from Enjin. However, I've decided to go cheap and use myBB on a DO (Digital Ocean) droplet. This is running me $10.00 a month, but I didn't have to pay for software and have full control over it. I could even drop it down to $5.00 a month in all honesty.

    Goal: Create a generic and cheap Minecraft server and make it successful. My terms of successful are 10 or more dedicated players, daily votes, registered members on the website with active comments, and frequent donations. The donations only need to cover server costs. Anything more will be donated.

    - Use myBB for forum software
    - Create a realm/survival type server
    - Not Pay-2-win
    - Cheap as possible but also not laggy or terrible
    - No premium plugins (even though I own them already)
    - No advertisement payouts

    Monthly Costs:
    - Web hosting: $10/month (Digital Ocean droplet; can make it $5/month)
    - Server hosting: $10/month (SYS server from OVH sharing a dedicated server with my other networks; got the figure as a rough estimate)
    - Donations: $?? (unsure of what to go with; thinking of free alternatives)

    If you have suggestions for what to do, I'd be happy to hear. I posted this here to spark some interest. I want to prove that it's possible to run a server cheap but also successful while spending no money on advertisements.
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  2. I would suggest buying a omgserv vps for cheap and run your website and your server together. Cheaper and better overall.

    I'd give you a example of what I done with 0 euros spent:
    1. Worked for some people who played me with services , including a ddos protected 16 core 20 gb vps with no oversell.I managed to keep 150 players on it 20 tps.
    2. Made cheap ranks , well I made the price a little bit higher and then lowered it back down.It is fishy , but sadly this is Romania and there is no way out
    3. Got a free domain (PvP.addicted2.ro) from one of the best Romanian minecraft communities
    4. Spoke with a 40k youtuber to play for free on my server if I help him with his own one.
    5. Bought just the essential premium,plugins and used donation money.
    6. I don't really work on the server , my staff is doing the work for me , I work on a separate project .
    7. I got up to 50 constant players But lost some due to big server copycating and not that many PvP-ers in Romania
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    Not a terrible idea. I don't usually go with free domains though. Sure, it'd be more cost efficient but I'd rather spend a few extra bucks and get something decent. I also already own a dedicated server by SoYouStart, so I am hosting this server on there. In all reality, it'll only use about 2GB out of 32GB. I'm hosting the website and server separate to help address downtimes if any.

    I don't really know any YouTubers that would record on this server, nor do I really have people I talk to in the community. I guess I'll see how the server plays out first and go from there.

    Donation packages are going to be cheap to influence donations, but also have decent stuff with them. I'm staying away from pay-2-win style with this server, so it'll be cosmetics and some other items.

    Thanks for the tips though.
  4. Sounds cool, I'm here to volunteer my marketing/idea skills :D
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    Sounds good. :) I think I have a decent plan (sort of outlined on the website)
  6. Hey this sounds pretty cool, I give my best wishes and hopes it works out well.
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    Thanks! Hopefully, it'll be a fun experience. So far I'm enjoying it.
  8. My server is the same idea ish. I know your be been on my server, I payed 98 dollars for a year and 24 for a dedicated IP address. It's generic at the moment since all plugins are community created plugins, but with a story line that keeps the players that do stay excited for the server. It's only been public since April and I'm already on track with running costs and steadily growing to 5 consistent players with very little advertising. I think you have a sound plan. I charge 5 or 10 dollars and have a simple donation plus 3 dollar subscriptions and the players pay the fees. Good luck!
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    Yeah, sort of what I am aiming for.

    I've broken my rule of not spending money on Premium plugins. It's not too expensive, but it'll add to the overall cost. The way I am doing things like that is breaking them down yearly and dividing into months, for that's my goal.
  10. MinecraftMarket is a good alt for donations :)
  11. I'd hate to say it, but that looks identical to the free enjin store I use.
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    I'm going to use it. Want to give something besides BuyCraft a try. If I was using Enjin, I'd probably use their store.
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