Spigot Gold ShopGUI 2.0

An GoldInGot Shop GUI

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    Gold ShopGUI - An GoldInGot Shop GUI

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  2. Can you add permissions? So we can only let certain people use it, like a donator shop?
  3. Yeah i will add an premission today :)
  4. Thanks :)
  5. When the next actualicacion? You are Spanish?
  6. next update will be tomorrow , no im not spanish :)
  7. ^^
  8. I can ask you a easy plugin?
  9. yeah np :)
  10. your welcome :)
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  11. So this is a plugin that only allows you to use gold ingots to buy from the shop?
  12. Could you by any chance remove the helmet from the shops its a bit annoying
  13. Hay un bug. cuando los jugadores comprand de las el dlobuqe de intems ayudaa