Spigot GoldenAppleControl 2.0.5

Need flexibility over golden apple behaviour? Look no further.

  1. Is this a cool down for non-op god apples, the regular golden apples
  2. Yes, you can add cooldowns for regular gapples, enchanted gapples or any sort of food item. You can even change how much health, saturation and what potion effects they give you if that's what you want to do. The default config has examples for both gapples - you can just remove the enchanted gapples from the config and it will work with only the regular gapples.
  3. Could you look into this bug?

    Basically in the video this happens with crapples or god apples ( POTS AS WELL ) some times in traps ( Because of the string I believe ) So in the video it shows me drinking the pot and it goes back in my inventory as it doesn't register... When it does that with crapples // god apples it says you can not eat them for a certain amount of time even if you didn't eat it and you don't have a cool down

    I am using 1.8.8 paperspigot.
  4. Hey, when I install any of the GAC versions, and I reload the server the plugin does not load.
    I'm running Spigot 1.8 R0.1
    These are my plugins:
  5. no, I just found a different plugin, but sadly not another plugin with reg golden apple cooldown support
  6. Is it possible to add a reload config command? Annoying having to restart my server everytime
  7. Enderpearl cooldown isnt working with the placeholder and doesnt say anything in chat
    Code (Text):
            material: ENDER_PEARL
            data: 0
            permission: "goldenapple.enderpearl"
                enabled: true
                duration: 15
                use-formatted-time: true
                use-expired-message: true
                - "&c&l» &7You can't use another &dEnderpearl &7for &c%TIME%&7."
                - "&c&l» &7Wait &c%TIME%&7 before using another &dEnderpearl&7!"
                - "&c&l» &7You may now use another &dEnderpearl&7."
                enabled: true
                register-this: "enderpearl"
                enabled: false
                food-level: 4
                saturation: 9.6
                    - ABSORPTION:2400:0
                    - REGENERATION:600:4
                    - DAMAGE_RESISTANCE:6000:0
                    - FIRE_RESISTANCE:6000:0
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  8. I also tried ender pearl :D
  9. Hi! I install you're plugin on my 1.7.10 spigot server, so the plugin generate folder with config etc... But in game nothing happend when I try to eat another golden apple, yet in the config.yml, there is à 30 secondes cooldown!
  10. surgetheurge


    plugin doesn't seem to do anything at all on a 1.8 server.
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  11. Players can just spam eat golden apples and recieve no punishment nor does the plugin stop them on 1.9.4.
  12. doesn't work on paperspigot 1.7
  13. plis update for 1.11 :(
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  14. Any updates for 1.12?
  15. Does not work for 1.11. I had to write my own plugin as cancelling PlayerItemConsumeEvent still lets the player consume the golden apple. If you want to fix this, I recommend cancelling PlayerInteractEvent if the player still has a golden apple cooldown active.