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Advanced crates with custom GUIs, animations and effects!

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  2. How can I put a lore in the box key?

  3. Hey NightExpress, do you have a discord/can i have your Discord Name?
  4. I cant remove item from crate
  5. Why I can't remove item from crate? It is just swaping places... NightExpress
  6. Middle click
  7. Hello @NightExpress
    First of all i will say Thank you for this great Plugin :D

    But i miss or i dont know how i can add virtual keys to play over a bungee proxy. while i useing mysql for storing the keys.

    This was a great funktion to sell keys over tebex or other platforms

    Thank you :D
  8. When you download the 3.10.1 you get the 3.10.0 , btw Effect menu not working
  9. Do you think you can add support for CMI holograms?
  10. There is an option to make key virtual.

    Reset /editor/ folder. and read update notes.

    Definetely not.
  11. Hello @NightExpress ,

    Thank you for your reply. I know for the option for virtual Keys but i mean is there a way to add virtual keys via bungeecord.

    Maybe you can implement a function in yout plugin to use it in bungeecord or have an idee how i can add keys to player with a bungeecord command.

    Hope you understand me.
  12. MySQL ?
  13. for sure with mysql but i think you dont understand me .. my english is to bad to tell you what i want.

    But i try it again

    As example

    A Network with 3 sub server. on all 3 server the player can user the keys.

    if i want to sell keys on tebex then tebes connect to the proxy and sends a command on the bungeecord.

    And now how ich can add the keys to the mysql ? have you there an idee?

    Thank you for your help
  14. Use some plugin to send commands on all servers for bungeecord.
  15. Well I guess I will create cmi hologram separate as having 2 hologram plugins is a massive no. I am not going to details but CMI is popular plugin so adding support would be good idea. But if you don't want to fine.
  16. Cmi holograms are poorly made and does not provides some useful functions and an api as it does HD
  17. ahh I see thanks for replay.
  18. i have the same problem.
    an command from other plugins, does not save the key in the mysql database. only local.
    i'm use superbvote and the player have after voting a key on everey server. but in the mysql database ist the virtual key "0".
  19. Superbvote gives the key on my sub server correct.

    My problem is to give player keys from the proxy not from the subserver. But i think i code me a littel helper for this self.