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  1. goldencrates plugin can't open crate if not operator? i need help

    Screenshot (12).png
    if I gacha/spin using the owner's rank, it will work
    but if I spin/gacha using the default rank, this is what happens
    upload_2021-8-23_18-24-20.png Screenshot (13).png
    Can Help Me?
  2. i added crate in the world, but players can't open it!
    Thxx :D
  3. A few weeks ago the crate editor broke on my server, suddenly couldnt edit crates anymore although theyre still usable and I can manually edit them.
    Just today the crate editor broke on my dev server so now I can't make them on my dev server either.
    Even a fresh install it's still broken?

    No there isnt any errors, yes its the latest version.
  4. And what means 'broken'?
  5. Can not click the Green Crate Editor button. Its acting as if it has no action.
    You type /crate editor, then you try to click the green box, It does nothing.
    I can still open the key editor though.

    I've completely uninstalled the plugin, removed the whole folder, including Nexus, Restarted server, Shut down, Put GoldenCrates back on with fresh folders, still no luck.
  6. Then some of your other plugins cause this conflict.
  7. I also removed all plugins. Its like its saving this data somewhere until I reinstall server jar
  8. It does not save anything related to the editor.
  9. Is it possible to configure this plugin, to open a crate only by rightklicking a specific item?
    I want the crates to be custom hand held items.
    Thanks in advance!
  10. I can't seem to find a way to add crates to a menu anymore the editor doesn't allow me to change between the 3 crate types.
  11. Simply give a create with /crate give

    You have to add in the menu config(s)
  12. Hello! Lovely plugin, but we found it is spamming console with this. [Edit: nvm ignore this I am dumb thanks]

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  13. just switched server hosts, copied all files from previous ftp to new one. goldencrates shows in the config and everything looks the same (files are still there), but I can't use any commands in game and my crates have now become normal chests. How do I fix this?
  14. logs
  15. Hey, love the plugin, thank you! Would it be possible to add CMI support for holograms?
  16. My server is on version 1.16.1 and the engine is Spigot and I get this error what should I do in this situation?

    IMG_20210901_052207.jpg IMG_20210901_052228.jpg IMG_20210901_052247.jpg
  17. No

    Use Java 16
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  18. IMG_20210902_002121.jpg IMG_20210902_001923.jpg
    I set it to this version but it still doesn't work what's the problem?
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