Spigot GoldenCrates • Advanced custom crates! (BIG UPDATE SOON!) [1.15 - 1.17] 3.11.1

Advanced crates with custom GUIs, animations and effects!

  1. And what host would you recommend this plugin to go to?
  2. Anyone which not saying Unsupported Java while have it listed in available versions.
  3. I'm using 1.17.1 and goldencrates disable itself because of nexengine.

    [ERROR] .... [NexEngine] Could not setup NMS version. Plugin will be disabled.

    [INFO] .... [NexEngine] Disabling NexEngine v2.0.7.1

    [ERROR] .... Error occurred while enabling GoldenCrates v3.11.0 (Is it up to date?)

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: su/nexmedia/engine/hooks/NHook

    I even opened an issue on github
  4. Then it's 1.17, not 1.17.1
  5. I tried with 1.17 and it's the same
  6. Hello there, I would like to report a bug when I do /goldencrates reload or /crates reload. Thank you :)
    It will disable all NexEngine's plugin and spam console

    More info:

    I would recommend to open a support Discord :'D so we can easier get support / some WIKI and information :D
  7. I have the issue of everyone on the server is able to open the crate even without a key. I have set a specific key to the crate, but it is still able to open even though I don't have it in my inventory.
  8. Update Citizens plugin

    Then you set it wrong. Check your settings
  9. It was another plugin that interfered with it. Removed the newest plugin that I installed and GC works great now.
  10. What about my issue?
  11. I don't know. It works fine on 1.17.1. Next time take care about providing logs or something.
  12. I'm sure I set it, right. lol
  13. Ok, good luck
  14. Is every version of GoldenCrate updated to have Java 16 or any of the following versions does not have Java 16
  15. log is not full
  16. wdym, thats the complete log
  17. There's no mention of NexEngine or GoldenCrates in your log
  18. Well thats the complete log
    Any idea of whats causing error in nexengine?
  19. Maybe add support for:
    GamePoints, MySQL-Tokens, PlayerPoints
    Just like your shop plugin that would be cool :), well I could use your shop plugin (As i had purchase it) for players to buy keys hhh, I mean it's good to still add support for people who doesn't have your shop plugin I guess ;)