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    SynthCrates - 3 Crate types | 3 Crate subtypes | Menu | Blocks | Custom items | More

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  2. Maybe you can add it

    / set (this feature

    Uses: Enter / set (you can put the props on the hands of reward or preview

    May be used with citizens
    Use NPC for CSGO sweepstakes, and preview prizes
  3. Could you explain a bit more, please?
  4. Like

    1. edit reward ( click >

    In the chat channel appears to set the message

    Enter <name> or <set items on hand>

    You can add items directly to your reward or preview
  5. For reward item you can just put the item from your inventory on 'Reward Item' icon and it will copy the all item data.
    I can do the same for preview item.
  6. ok

    I want to show all the data in preview , no only Modify the name, can show all?

    Can you add bound NPC?

    Left-click preview



    Like This image

    Have side-by-side choices?

    Only three can be seen in a straight line

    what should I do?
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  7. Ok, will be added
  8. NightExpress updated SynthCrates with a new update entry:

    Version 1.1.0

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  9. Try the new version please, also you need to remove the plugin folder.
  10. add suport the 1.8.8, plss
  11. It's outdated version.
  12. Please add 1.8 Support
  13. @NightExpress Also l found another 'bug' yesterday, if you roll an empty chest(gui) and if no items are added then NullPointerException spammed. it can be fixed with not able to roll if no items are added (l think).

    rip english, l hope you understand it.
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  14. Ok, will be fixed.
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  15. This is a very good plugin, I will definitely use it.
    Is there a way to give crates / keys to all players on the server?
    Thank you for this amazing plugin.
  16. No way currently
  17. Hi, there is a slight problem - after opening the crates (sometimes) your inventory gets bugged and you cant interact with it - you cant move/add items, could you fix pls? (We use the CS:GO crate)

    I also have some ideas for features.
    - add a way to change the title of the chest whilst opening it - ex. from CS:GO CRATE to yyyy
    - add a way to change the title of the chest to anything from how the yml file is called - allow color codes

    Thank you!
  18. I'll check it.

    Ok, will be added.