Spigot GoldenCrates [1.14 - 1.16]

Advanced crates for advanced users!

  1. It's statistics. You can disable it in config or in game by interaction with statistic message.
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  2. Is there a GitHub where we can post issues and requests? If not I highly recommend it! :)

    • Block keys from being used if inventory is full. This is essential for servers with crates in a centralized public location so that other players don't pick up someone else's rewards.
    • Similarly, for item keys, have keys be stored when /goldencrates givekey is ran, if a players' inventory is full.
    Thanks so much for the great plugin! It's a fantastic replacement for CratesPlus <3
  3. This is due to commands sync. It happens once when the server is loaded. So it's not a problem and does not affect performance.

    1. Yes, it's planned.
    2. Stored in where?
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  4. hi there i was wondering what the comand is to assign the physical crates to a chest thank you very much
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  5. I just remember that CratesPlus had a command /crate claim that would give you any keys you didn't get if your inventory was full. I don't know how that info was stored, but I assume it's not impossible. Not a necessary feature, but it'd be helpful if it's something that can be figured out at some point. The info was kept in it's data.yml file.
    I know you aren't making a copy of CratesPlus, but it was a super handy feature.
  6. Hello. How do I edit the default formatting of the Golden Crates messages in chat? I do not see it in the language or config files. It has &EGolden Crates &8&l>> right now.
  7. Hello. Type /goldencrates editor, click the crate that you would like to assign to a block, change the crate type to a block crate by left clicking the anvil at the top until you have the block crate selected, then click the chest in the bottom center. Finally look at the block you want to select and then type set. I hope this helps.
  8. Since updating to 1.15.2 and updating GoldenCrates, players are unable to sell keys via shop signs. You have to click on the signs with the item to set what they buy/sell. My dev believes this is because it's cancelling the place event too early and suggests having a configurable priority.

    This is the shop plugin I'm using in case it's a conflict.
  9. hi there, how to set that animation more short time? thanks.
  10. You also cannot open chests/furnaces/anything with an inventory with a key in your hand. I'm guessing that's part of the place event.
  11. Would you be interested in creating a permission that users must have to open a certain crate?

    e.g. users need goldencrates.open.common to open a common crate, or goldencrates.open.* to open any crate
  12. I can't use any particles, do you think you can make it easier and list all the effects you can use in a command too?
  13. Will be fixed

    In /templates/

  14. is there some kind of discord we can talk? I had a problem with hats datapack, and seems like problem is about goldencrates plugin.
  15. Great Plugin, I can give more than just commands and vanilla items!. Can I suggest to add, like the money cost option, a exp cost? that would be cool!
  16. Does the plugin require foguscore to operate?
  17. hello there is a support or something because I have a few questions now.
  18. Hi! When i give someone the permission goldencrates.admin, they still don't have access to the /crate editor command.
  19. how can you set that you right click on the box and then you see the items what you can win. how can I turn it on?