Good alternative to XenForo?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by john01dav, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Hello spigot, currently my minecraft server needs a better forum software then punbb. XenForo would be perfect except $140 is a bit much when you can barely pay the hosting bill. I am looking for a good alternative to xenforo.

    What the alternative needs to have:
    - Be open source (or at least free)
    - Be customizable
    - Not look horrible (see my website for the idea about what I want it to look like, however lucid dreams from SMF would also be good.)
    - Must be able to import punbb (1.4.2) databases
    - This would be good, but I would like something I can use before that one comes out as it looks like it will be awile :/
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  2. Vanilla is pretty good, you can make some good bootstrap forums
  3. Do you mean that there are bootstrap themes for vanilla? Or are you suggesting that I create my own bootstrap forum?
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  4. RiotShielder has been working with it and he says he has liked it, since we are completely rebranding his server. If you want to check it out is a place to look at, not sure how far it is into completion as he said he was making a theme for the forum.

    I'm still trying to proxy the damn thing into Apache, as soon as I get that done, I'm gonna make some nice themes :)

    Forum so far:
  6. CCT


    There is no alternative.

    There is no escape.

    You don't use Xenforo.

    It uses you.
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  7. This one is.... ugly
  8. I already said that it would be the best option, but it is simply too expensive.
  9. That's what themes are for.
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  10. Got any suggestions?
  11. You can host it yourself. Look at their wiki on github. Its 100% free to use. I can help you out tomorrow, I'm going to bed.
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  12. Puremin0rez


    MyBB is pretty much the best free forum software IMO.

    Yes, the default theme is ugly. That's why themes exist ;) Go browse their repositories.
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  13. <3 MyBB I used it and only it for every forum I made before I finally got around to buying Xenforo
  14. Right now I use phpBB, but nothing beats XenForo. When I raise the kind of money I need, I will buy Xenforo (the licence not the actual company)
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  15. Anyone know some themes for MyBB that look somewhat like XenForo?
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