Good and cheap dedicated server hosting?

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  1. Hi im looking for a good and cheap dedicated server hosting caught my eye but i got this weird things at the end that i needed todo. (Solver)
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  2. no none of them is really cheap, since my budget is around 20 usd
  3. How much RAM are you wanting?
  4. depends i dont know whats recomended for 10 servers
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  5. You're not going to get something good for 20$.
  6. Maybe Kimsufi then. Your best option in my opinion. It's OVH's super old hardware. Maybe you should consider shared hosting?
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    Like Dylan said you should really just consider getting shared/normal Minecraft hosting. You'd be much better off getting shared hosting and being able to use resources on a shared system (typically E3/E5 CPUs with SSDs) than an old server with a 10 y/o CPU and a single HDD with thousands of hours on it. Performance difference after you get 20+ players will be noticeable.
  8. Verrygames is a cheap host , not bad for servers that are just starting :) In case you dont like that host , I can give u some more.
  9. Incase you get a little higher budget you can checkout webtropia
  10. Pebble Host is always an available option, I love it honestly.
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  11. overpriced dedis and are you involved with them? you seem only to talk about them here
  12. Hey friend.

    If you want dirt cheap dedicated servers I only know of one place. However, you get what you pay for. Their customer service is almost instant, yes but they take the word "unmanaged" to heart. I believe their DDOS protection is 2GB which is nothing.

    Their hardware is a hit and miss can be good and sometimes just really really shit.

    They use second-hand hardware, hosted in Kansas City US.

    Yes, I'm speaking of Nocix. Believe me, I suggest you use OVH but Nocix is ok for personal use. When I say ok I mean don't use unless they're your only option.

    Hoped this helped.

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