Good and up to date optimize linux thread ?

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  1. Hello there,

    I have actually some troubles (performance issue) with my dedicated server and I'm trying the best to optimize my server (spigot, bungee, and linux).
    So can you advice me a better linux than Debian (if it's possible), and an optimize thread about it ?
    Sound weird, but I'm actually very lost with the performance issues I got with my server ...

    I'm thinking about splitting my dedicated server with VMs to be sure of what resources they can take.
    Tell me if it's a good option. I have 1 bungee, 1 build server (for my builder), 1 lobby server, 1 skyblock server with (25-30 players every day), and a website with a database.

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  2. MiniDigger


    I don't think that you can optimize much at OS level. linux at its core is linux, switching from a stable distro like debian will not have any noticeable impact.
    you should optimize your server instead.
    celebrimbor revived the original optimization guide by fresh23 (RIP), you can find it here‚ö°.283181/
  3. I have this guide planned to be done ;) And thanks for your reply